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December 17, 2006

Will It Blend?

Greatest online advertising campaign in the history of the internet: Will It Blend?. The BlendTec corporation came up with the brilliant idea of advertising its Total Blender with online video of feats of extreme blending: iPods, rakes, bottles of beer, etc. BlendTec has revived the proud tradition of carnie barker product demonstration for the online age!

Take that, Ginsu knives.


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Ok, commercials; cool.

But for $400, they'd BETTER blend anything. ;D

I've been singing the praises of these ads for weeks, but my dad thinks they're stupid. He's not very fun.

Also, they're not as good as this Nutri-Grain ad (which is fake but still makes me want to buy Nutri-Grain bars).

Finally, I can get some fiber in my diet!

Simply insert the bass--that's the WHOLE bass--into the Super Bassamatic '76.

Mmmmmm... rake smoothie.

The carnie barkers were a lot more truthful than today's ad hacks. They even had a creed. At least, that's what I learned from the Simpsons.

At work we have a CD/DVD shredder. It's nothing like this.

There giant shredders for cars. A friend is trying the convince the manufacturer to put a super-strong window on the chamber.

Why is it so damn powerful?

Technically it chopped that rake handle, not blended it. I mean, the guy is a scientist isn't he?

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