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January 26, 2007

Is there an eldersphere? Bloggers over 65

A while back, Boing Boing highlighted the world's oldest known blogger, 92-year-old Donald Crowdis of Don To Earth.

I'm thinking of doing a story about people who started blogging or writing diaries after the age of 65, or so.

If you fit that description, or if you'd like to recommend a senior blogger/diarist/MySpace devotee, please link to their site in the comments section.

I'm looking for political and non-political bloggers. I'd like to showcase different kinds of talent. So, if you know an older person who has an interesting blog about birding, or physics, or quilting, or any other subject, please give them a shout out in the comments. Don't be afraid to self-promote. Any older videobloggers or podcasters out there?

I'm curious to know whether there's anything that might qualify as an "eldersphere." There is definitely a feminist blogosphere these days, which intersects with the progressive political blogosphere and the academic blogosphere. Are there interlinked blog networks by self-identified older people that are focused on issues of interest to seniors, retirees, Snowbirds, nursing home residents, older travelers, etc.?

If you'd like to comment about your experiences an older blogger or blog reader, I'd really appreciate the input. You can also email me with the "email me" link on the left column.


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The blog is actually called "Don to Earth," not "Down to Earth." A minor point...

You might want to look at Rebecca MacKinnon's piece on Cybergrannies:

This guy not only writes well, he takes great photos too.

John Emerson, who used to frequent these parts, and can still be found at Unfogged and his own site, is in his sixties, I think. Is that old enough?

His page:

My mother is in her late sixties and has been blogging for about two years now.

Her blog is devoted to dog stories of a funny or inspirational nature. She says she's not into stories about suffering animals. But her dry sense of humor keeps the content from seeming too much like a "Lassie" episode. I'm happy that people are beginning to read her in large numbers.

How very smart of you. I'm still a couple years short of sixty-five, but I've been reading blogs for several years and had this one just over two years. I passed two thousand posts sometime last week.

I don't classify well because my interests are all over the place, but I figure since it's my blog and I don't have to worry about an editor I can do as I like.

I did a post on you, incidentally. You made my blogroll because the kids at 3Quarks have you on theirs and I hold you in high regard.

You may want to check out the Ageless Project. They are keeping up with a lot of older bloggers.

Approaching the end of a forty-year career in the food business, I am working in a retirement community dining room as my last stop. When you're getting into your sixties, fifty looks better all the time and it makes you feel younger to be working in a population where the median age is mid-eighties. I got sent to continuing ed. classes in gerontology and have learned a lot. The Baby Boom is about to hit the final stretch, after which the economy, should it survive, will be able to withstand practically anything.

I'll be looking forward to your project.

Boyce Richardson, once a Montreal Star journalist, one of Canada's best writers on aboriginal issues. Always worth reading. At 78, posting regularly.

Check out Ben Cruachan Blog. I'm not sure how old Duncan is, but if he is not 65, he is pretty close. Plus he writes well and takes great photos.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions and nominations so far. Keep them coming!

Pretty sure I Don't Pay qualifies.

Suzette Elgin writes as "ozarque" on LiveJournal, about linguistics, science fiction, feminism, and lots of other interesting things. I don't read her nearly often enough.



I found this post after googling for information about the numbers of bloggers over 65. I blog at, which I started more than five years ago, when I was 62. When I started, there were very few "older" bloggers. Now, bloggers like Ronni Bennett at have blogs targeted at our age group. I don't know if you've ever followed through on your plans to write about older bloggers, but I'd be interested in reading what you might have found.

The URL given above in this article for me has changed to this one. I am now 80, and still posting regularly on mynew Web site, still in process of refinement. On my old Web site I had a quote from a blgger in BC, Doug Perry, to the effect tht mine was "the world's oldest blg, kept by the world's oldest blogger", which I am glad to know is not accurate, given the 92 year old mentioned above.

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