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January 29, 2007

Majikthise joins This Modern World

Tom Tomorrow has graciously invited to me to contribute to This Modern World. Nothing will change at Majikthise, but I'll be throwing in my two cents at TMW a few times a week.


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So how many publications does that make (will you still post at AlterNet?)

Clicking over there, I am disappointed to find that this means you are joining a blog. I was hoping that a little cartoon Lindsay would start talking with Sparky the penguin.


Congrats and you're beautiful.

What Rob said--I was all set for the adventures of Lindsay the Wonder Blogger, complete with cape.


Congrats on your ever-expanding superfame and ultrainfluence. Just don't let TNR snatch you up or something. Better to starve...

Movin' on up in the blogosphere, very cool.


I'm with RHC and Uncle K. Cartoon clipart Lindsay dreams all shattered.


Oh God, there goes the neighborhood. Now the Internet is ruined.

gonna play devil's advocate and not congratulate you

HONestly, if you wanted a cartoon clipart Lindsay all that badly, show some initiative.

An aside: is there a way to embed images in a reply that is supported by this blog?

Heartiest congratulations, Lindsay! Someday we can say we knew you* (okay, read you) when.

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