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January 29, 2007


Mittens, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

One more Idiotarod picture...

I was just about to lose the light when this lovely woman walked up to me and said, "Take my picture."

I never thought it would come out at all.

If anyone recognizes this girl, let her know that I've got a picture to send her.


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beautiful :)

excellent posture

If anyone recognizes this girl, give her my phone and email address.

Best Bud Light commercial I've seen. "Drink this and, while you may still look like a jester, you'll be standing next to Ms. Mittens."

Now, you're talkin'

Can't believe I'm the first person to write this:

I wish I recognized her.

Like the kids say: she is teh hot.

The mittens are just a bonus.

she is teh vain.

Speaking from experience, vanity is ugly. And winds up being painful.

Gina Gershon, time travelling from 20 years in the past?

I thoroughly enjoyed your photos of the event. Wow, what a neat idea this is.

Mixed fashion: the hat and makeup are fancy, while the jacket is grungy.

"If anyone recognizes this girl, give her my phone and email address."

Beat me to it.

My goodness, why are beautiful women never coming up to me and asking me to take their picture?

Perhaps I should carry a camera more often.

Lolz, you get out a camera here in Britain and everyone just dives for cover!

Kate Bush?

Holy moley! Some days it pays to be alive. And not-blind.

Who let in the jester from the Renaissance Festival in the background?

My guess is: Natalie Portman's older sister.

Does Ann Althouse know you have this posted on your blog?

Thanks for the Idiotarod photos, Leslie! Makes me miss living in NYC tho it's damn nice living up here in the country (OC). :?)

sleeveless jacket and mittens. That person is a walking cold air contradiction.

She's pretty, but just a face in the crowd. Lose the light? I like shooting in the evening. Even like some flash pictures. What's your ISO upper limit?

What's your ISO upper limit?

she whispered sensuously, her bare arms slowly turning blue.

Notes On A Girl

The half-moons of her calves eclipse
each other prettily as she walks,
and something photometric trips
the triggers of her heels whose clacks

acclaim each sweet occlusion. She
is vain, is vain. So much the worse
for us: Her swansthroat under-knee,
her thigh, torso -- an 'ipse-verse' --

are hidden, but are all her thought,
as Carmelites, they say, in prayers
hold the far earth's meridians taut.
Her thought is vain, but so is theirs.

God knows we're doomed from that first peek
that makes us hunt the secret place,
Who wears such stars around His neck
and will not let us see His face.

Peter Kane Dufault

Speaking from experience, vanity is ugly. And winds up being painful.

Painful I'll buy. Ugly, perhaps eventually, but on first sight, she's smokin'

I'd be vain too, if I were her.

24 hours later, and she still looks good to me.

Are we sure this isn't Natalie Portman?

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