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January 25, 2007

Recommended reading

Photojournalist James Lee may have reached the war by now, or not. We eagerly await his next update.

Homeless residents of St. Petersburg, FL thought they had a deal with the city, but that didn't stop the St. Pete police from razing their tent city. Michael Hussey has video and backstory.

Dr. Freeride explains how acing an ethics test could get you fired.

Alon Levy on atheist activism.


It gets worse. The two St Petersburg officers who gave the order for the raid are investigating themselves. Words fail me.

RE "Atheist Activism:"

While I agree with the author's skepticism towards "faith-based initiatives," there wasn't acceptance of atheists 6 years ago before the Bush Administration's "faith-based intiatives," either.

Atheists should be public about their beliefs to educate the public that being an atheist doesn't equal being immoral.

Personally, I only recently starting indicating online that I'm an atheist.

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