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January 25, 2007

Reviled reading

Rachel Moran is confabulating about the homeless. Again...



I just have to say that I LOL'd after reading the header, "Reviled reading". I haven't even read the linked article yet because I'm still laughing. You got a little bit of the General in you tonight, eh?

I think you might have broken her site's server, Lindsay. I just tried linking the article 3 times but the server keeps timing out. Your extreme revulsion to her article must have psychically killed her website, if you believe that sort of thing. Which you should, or you're going to Hell.

It's a Jewess thing. Everyone knows we can dry up wells and sour milk with a glance. I didn't realize it applied to servers. Cool!

Okay, I just read it. Is it just me, or does her tone and her wording come across as a wee bit racist? I know that we liberals are always accused of being overly sensitive about race or being to "PC", but nonetheless she just just comes across sneeringly when she refers to the guy as a Snoop Dog lookalike. Who knows, maybe the dude actually did look like the Snoop Dog. Still, her wording and tone conveys the time-honored racist mantra, "They all look alike to me." At least it conveys that to me, a dirty fucking hippie liberal.

The site belongs to Tommy Duncan and Bill Sharpe. Tommy is the editor and Bill handles selling ad space on the blog. Tommy's claim to fmae is being a back up singer in an eighties cover band known as Johnny G. Lyon Band. I'm not making the last part up. Here is their website. I wish their few original songs were on their Myspace site.

Tommy seems angry at lefty bloggers.

Huffington Post chooses #2, which allows the parrot lefties to select #3. Michael Bouldin’s take is among the most ridiculous, asking why rightwing blogs haven’t taken Beck to task. Good Morning America has since hired Glenn Beck, and Media Matters is all up in arms for the future of our great country.

Wait a minute. Slow down. Before we go on and on about how Glenn Beck is an ass, tells horrible jokes, and how on earth anyone could give him his own program, perhaps we need to read that transcript again.

Oh. There’s a hurricane coming, and these bloggers want you to be aware of Glenn Freakin’ Beck. Who gives a rat’s ass about him, if you are going to be under 20 feet of seawater? Idiot bloggers, that’s who. It seems they are so concerned - no, obsessed - with proving the other side wrong, incompetent, or divisive, that they fail to address the actual meat of the CONVERSATION.

Yes, we can't point out that Glenn Beck said he was going to hire someone to kill Michael Moore because we need a rightwing talk show host to give us the forecast. When I read that I thought someone was doing a parody of a rightwing blogger. Sadly, it's for real.

There's an editor at that site where the rambling stream-of-consciousness rants against the homeless appeared?

I know I shouldn't be advocating violence against women or anything, but anyone who mentions a washed-up rapper, an 80's hair band, and mixes it in with an obviously bullshit story about a transaction with a homeless that reads like shitty pulp noir, is in serious need of a backhanding.

Terrible. Just terrible. In so very many ways.

Terrible. Just terrible. In so very many ways.

I don't know whether it's the classless glorification of abuse of the homeless, the shameless attention prostitution, or the frankly shitty writing and unbelievable story, but this gruesome scag Lindsay links to has to be of the worst blog posts ever. And if you ever take the time to read my blog (link embedded in name) you'll know that's saying something.

Its so bad that it's funny. I love the repeated references to the "Benz".

In case noone knows, she has a Benz. Hooray!

A couple of nights ago in DC, on the Potomac waterfront a guy fell off the dock into the river. He couldn't get himself out. He called for help, but there was no one else on the dock. On the other side of a fence, three homeless men heard him. Two of them boosted the third over the fence. He rushed to the man in the water, who was losing conciousness due to hypothermia. He was unable to pull him out alone. He laid on the dock, with his arms in the freezing water holding the man up, assuring him, "You're not going to die tonight." He held on for over ten minutes, when the police arrived and pulled the man out of the river.

When this hit the news, a search was started for the three men. None of them had asked for, or seemingly expected a reward. They had just wandered off when they saw the guy was going to be alright. They had evidently just done what they thought was right for a fellow human in need.

She has a Benz? Holy shit, she must be important! Is she going to call all our bosses and get us fired? What if she and her wealthy friends want to hunt us for sport? I, for one, am terrified.

Who the fuck is this person and why did Lindsay bother to single her out among the countless millions of vapid dingbats that populate teh intarwebs? Just askin'...


What the hell's wrong with you? Rachel Moron has a Benz and is therefore important!

She used to have a bright pink 280z.

Mmmmm, pink.

hear jglb original music at

for what it's worth, Tommy's band JGLB gave $1,157 to Red Cross immediately after Hurricane Katrina. see and JGLB also gave $500 to Metropolitan Minstries this past Christmas.
Tommy is a good guy.

Poor girl. That's the most attention she's ever gotten in her life that didn't involve wearing a short skirt. No wonder she wants to try and stretch her 15 minutes just a little longer.

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