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January 04, 2007

Right wing blog mocks Jane Hamsher's breast cancer

James Wolcott writes, "The year is still tenderly young, but I doubt a greasier display of misogyny will raise its vulgar head for the remainder of '07 to outdo this exhibition of pique:

Jane Hamster @Firedoglake is peeved she's taken seconds when put in a line with Kos of Kos Daily. That's par for the course since Jane's been in a perpetual state of peeve since she caught a dose of BDS and it metastasized into the implants. [...]

Jane is a breast cancer survivor. Classy.

I disagree with Wolcott's prediction. We're going to see a lot more displaced aggression in the blogosphere this year. When primates get angry, they take out their fury on those they perceive as being lower in the dominance hierarchy. The right wing just got its ass kicked by the electorate, so it's focusing hate "downward" at those feckless females.

[HT: Ilyka, and zuzu.]


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I think the Right is probably quite happy with the ass-kicking that they suffered in the mid-term elections. It relieves them of the dreadful responsibility of actually leading, and puts them back into their favorite role; pissing and moaning and playing the victim.

People forget how nasty those early Clinton years were.

Hamsher is not alone. Murray Waas also reports that his history of cancer has been used as a club to beat him with, and that among cancer survivors he is not alone.

Apparently there is a resevoir of anti-cancer-survivor prejudice in the lower depths of the American cultural psyche.

Shameful. As a moderate right winger I am disgusted by such displays of shitheads like this who call themselves conservatives.

Global Yokel:

I tend to think you are correct. At least when it comes to this administration and this current batch of leadership in the GOP. The did very little by way of leadership in the past 6 years. I know some will say in the past 12, but things did get accomplished in the Clinton years.

That's astonishingly vile. There really is no bottom to "worse".

(Oh shit, I just read Wolcott's article, which contains further excerpts. I need a shower.)

See, I don't think that they even tried to lead the country, in any meaningful sense of the word. W managed to look and act sort of like a leader a couple of times, after 9/11 and when he called for war with Iraq, but once he got re-elected, he could hardly be bothered to show up, as his perfunctory post-Katrina speech showed.

What he and his cronies and their beneficiaries were most concerned about was looting. They cut the estate tax and made billions off the war and doled out grants to fundamentalist groups, and no matter what happens in the next 100 hours or in 2008 or whenever, the overwhelming likelihood is that they'll get to keep that loot. They've made their piles, and they'll sit atop those piles of cash like Scrooge McDuck and quack occasionally about how they would have started letting a few nickels trickle down if only them libruls hadn't turned off (or, more accurately, turned down) the fire hose of money.

That leaves people like van der Leun out in the cold, having spent the previous several years braying the praises of a bunch of crooks, cheaters, and incompetent nitwits. They're like a bunch of sports fans coming home from a game at which their team's multimillionaire players not only didn't win, but visibly didn't even try that hard. And so they're looking for someone or something to kick. Van der Leun doesn't have a fraction of Hamsher's fame (or notoriety, if you will), and his envy of James Wolcott is palpable, along with a badly-concealed thread of pride that Wolcott even considers him worth paying attention to.

Yi. Well as a Quadrophenia fan, I'm especially pissed off that they would taint the name of that great album and movie.

Their posters couldn't resist stretching, once again, for the idiotic charge that anyone anti-Bush and anti-Iraq debacle (the latter of which include, I'm afraid, the ultra-liberal Financial Times, which called Iraq a "debacle" just yesterday) was "pro-terrorist." I demand that this ridiculous ad hominem charge be leveled at the Financial Times as well, and at any other conservative outlet (and there are many) that agrees with us, or--hopefully--dropped as the patently ridiculous, childish nonsense that it obviously is.

Considering the revenge fantasies that so many who call themselves "conservative" (an insult to the true conservatives of the world) indulge, I wouldn't put any misogyny or violent daydreams past these types. Consider the source.

I knew there was a reason why I avoided political involvement or even politics in conversation for my first 55 years. What ugly useless destructive creatures!

Diseases are funny when it happens to people they don't like. Take Rush Limbaugh. There was an uproar over his palsied pantomime of Michael J. Fox, but it wasn't the first time he's made light of Parkinson's disease. He was the one who originally came up with "Shakes" Reno. If Bill Clinton gets a tumor just watch the conservative humor mill go into action. If Keith Olbermann ever gets run over by a large motor vehicle then pancake jokes will be right around the corner.

They're a bunch of funny fuckers, that's for sure.

"When primates get angry, they take out their fury on those they percieve as being lower on the dominance hierarchy."

This statement covers the larger part of what you need to know about the behavior and motivations of the reactionary monkey-house. Nail down your seas for the final act of Operation Enduring Fantasy.

Honestly, it's not like Firedoglake doesn't have enough problems that even liberal bloggers (such as those of us who don't support racism) can mock, without it getting personal...

First, thanks for publicizing this. Second, this is object evidence of how low some people will go. This stuff needs to be publicized for the simple reason that many people would not believe it otherwise. Thanks.

I'm with Roxanne: this reminds me a lot of the 1990s.

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