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January 25, 2007

State v. Amero blog goes live

Mike Conwell of Austin, Texas is a computer consultant who's outraged over the conviction of Julie Amero, the CT substitute teacher who is facing jail time because a malware-riddled PC generated pornographic popups in class.

Conwell has started a blog dedicated the Amero case. It's called State v. Amero ( Check it out.


I've been doing a little research on topics like this lately, mainly because I face a similar situation. I was shocked that she was found guilty, but that's what happens when overzealous police and prosecutors want to look like they're doing children justice. I think police and prosecutors should be on trial for the witch hunts they conduct. I have been questioned recently about a CD that was found among my belonging, that is said to contain images of "kiddie porn" what I saw on the printed photos could be women of any age. I don't condone kiddie porn or it's use. I had a younger brother that has threatened, harassed, and intimidated family members and others, for over 17 years. The police won't do anything because he has friends within the police department. We've given the police several list and different occasion about the serious crimes he's committed over the years, even crimes where a state police's handgun was stolen by my brother, but they never seem to want to do anything to him. Recently he told the police that I was in possession of kiddie porn, low and behold, they execute a search warrant based on lies that he has told, and they find a mystery disc. A disc that I've never seen before and have no knowledge of. On the 26th of February I was questioned by police about the disc. Of course I have no knowledge of it, but they continued to tell me that they would take the case to the state's attorney and that I'd probably be getting arrested. Arrested for a crime I have no knowledge of. I have no idea what they have found on my computer, or if they made a mirror copy of it, to look at later, but I am worried. There have been countless people that have used my computer in my home, including my brother that has told the lies about me, and his son. It seems that the police can maliciously present part of an investigation to get an arrest and hope for a conviction. At some point we need to start jailing the police and prosecutors for their actions. This case has been so stressful, that the only option I come up with is to find the courage to take the easy way out.

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