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January 12, 2007

White House banned still photography for Bush speech

Traditionally, White House has allows photojournalists to take pictures of the president at the podium after major speeches, such as Wednesday night's nationally televised war beg.

This time, the White House banned still photographs at the podium and handed out canned shots instead. Most news organizations opted to use the video stills from the speech.

But not the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They gave their doggie bag a byline:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran the handout photo as its lead art and crediting it to "ERIC DRAPER/McClatchy Tribune," citing a news service that transmitted the photograph. The Journal-Constitution's front page ran no disclosure that Draper is employed by the White House. [E&P]

Why ban still photographers after a nationally televised speech? Bush must be really strung out.


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Bush is at 30 percent in some polls, and it will be really embarassing if he drops lower.

I guess they're afraid an unflattering photo could push Bush down one more point.

Not only strung out, but maybe back on the sauce?

Could it be that Bush did not deliver his 20 minute read of the teleprompter LIVE? Did any media members actually see him deliver the speech?

Maybe it was the flash photography - medical/eyesight issue or sensitivity due to medicine he is taking?

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