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February 08, 2007

Beyerstein photo makes TIME magazine!


Big news: I sold a picture of Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon to TIME magazine. The picture is on the front page of the website as of this writing. (Screenshot attached, click to view enlargement.)

Here's the main story: Bloggers on the Bus by Massimo Calabresi. And here's the companion piece: Is Edwards the New Howard Dean? by Perry Bacon, Jr.

One of TIME's deputy photo editors emailed me yesterday to acquire a picture of Amanda for a story about bloggers. I hadn't read either of the stories until I saw them on the website a few minutes ago.

The picture was taken in Amsterdam in February, 2006. I hope this image captures some of the spark and spirit that draws so many people to Amanda and her work.

Please see Liza's latest roundup on the right wing's DIY Marcotte/Edwards "controversy."


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Damn. It was a good piece until this bit:

The Edwards campaign and its supporters made matters worse by claiming that a technical glitch, not Marcotte, had brought the controversial posts down.

--which just made me despise Malkin all over again for creating that confusion with her wild-eyed baseless assertions in the first place.

The Duke post was overwritten with Amanda's clarification; the other supposedly erased posts WERE lost in a technical glitch.

It's a pretty major goof for TIME, especially considering Glover had it corrected what, yesterday?

Congrats, Lindsay. However this good news is still overshadowed by the fog of uncertainty still hanging over Amanda's future at the Edwards campaign. Rather than rewriting the comment I posted at Jesus' General, I'll simply link my comment instead.

Like I already said at the General's, this really pisses me off to no end.

Congrats Lindsay!

I an sure you made a nice chunk of cash. Now you are what your readers despise: AN AMERICAN!! Gasp!!

Now you are what your readers despise: AN AMERICAN!! Gasp!!

Uh, what?

B-Money, you ever sell a photo to a magazine? You get rich a lot quicker selling your soul to oil interests, but hell, at least Lindsay's not hurting anyone.

You're going to have to get cracking if you plan to work through those 16,000 rss articles waiting in your bookmarks in your screen shot.

Congratulations on your photo.

Congrats, Lindsay.

I like the photo better than the article.

(Massimo Calabresi writes "a prominent Catholic group demanded that Marcotte be fired" without using Bill Donohue's name or clueing the readers in on how obnoxious he is.)

Cool. But I have more links than Liza not to mention moe than 2000 mentions on Technorati!) of the whole saga.

Congratulations! Seriously cool!
Bloggers/blogging have/has clearly arrived. That candidates are now forced to seek blogger's cachet to convince voters of their authenticity and legitimacy can only be a good thing. Malkins' tantrums will be quickly forgotten. There's something much bigger happening here.

The piece was another in a long line of misleading hatchet jobs. Yuck.

I'm not a fan of Time Magazine. When they hired Ana Marie Cox as Washington editor, I became even less of a fan.

Time Magazine is a bit of a drowning man, trying a little bit too hard to remain relevant in an age where people read less, unless you count "RU THERE LOL!!!" IM messages as literacy.

Glad Lindsay's photo was picked up, but I feel that Time is lame and is on a decline that will be hard to reverse.

If you want a quality newsmagazine, pay a little bit more and get the Economist. They wouldn't hire Cox as anything more than a receptionist or whatever she might be qualified for, and they won't try to get fake street cred by chillin' with the bloggers.

Oh relax people, I was just poking a little fun. Jeez, you people can dish out the smack but can't take it. I think it is cool that her pic got picked up.

And ilyka, there is a fair amount of U.S. bashing here. I was just having a little fun with it.

Kerr, true enough. I wish I could get rich off of oil!

Congrats, Lindsey! I always enjoy your photography. BTW, I was quite unhappy to see you are no longer linked to on Daily Kos, it looks like he purged his site of any potentially controversal (read: too left) links. Kos, you could never hope to be as cool as Lindsey, and her bookmark on my favorites will always be above yours! so there! :-P

Rose -

The Daily Kos Blogroll links to Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World," where Lindsay Beyerstein is one of the writers.

Lindsay, you certainly have many excellent skills with photography, website design and writing that I admire. Continued good success to you.

By comparison, although I deal with many serious issues at my left leaning, site, I'm greatly limited by my own photographic and website limitations with Blogger to something that looks pretty sterile and cardboardlike. Appearance wise it's about as appealing as the old colorfree copies of THE NATION from the 60's and 70's, although the content I'm generally proud of. I have to do everthing on a tight budget, and free Blogger is cost effective for me.

Putting together a decent website involves many skills. Lindsay has an excellent mix of many useful talents to make this website very appealing to the readers as well as a decent web hosting service. The right mix of talent and web hosting is an effective combination for a successful website.


Liberal blogging.

Its hear!
Its clear.
The wingers' newest fear.

The photo does seem to say of liberal bloggers: "in motion and unencumbered." Good pic [as we have come to expect]

Here is the paragraph where Time mag says, in effect, "we are the old media and we just don't get it, we see a problem here. You can't lie to people without strict message discipline!"

But bottling the lightning of blogger authenticity is not easy. Many blogosphere activists suspect anyone signing on with a campaign of selling out. And in the era of drum-tight message control, campaigns are not inclined to tolerate the independence bloggers need to maintain their credibility.

and, FWIW, Bora is one of the best [and certainly busiest] realtime redactors of blogosphere buzz...he's got the whole backstory of the "Edwards Bloggers Flap" in one post of a zillion links.

Nice job, Lindsay! It's so appropriate that Time would snag a picture you took of Amanda.


Congrats Lindsay!

Congrats on the photo. But.

Why the heck would the Edwards campaign hire Amanda rather than you, unless they were looking for a 'monkeys may throw their own feces' scenario from the religious fascists?

If they wanted to quietly bring on a blogger who can thoroughly and cleanly dissect the issues from a feminist perspective who doesn't also haul a heavy bag of past writing that seems to trigger irrational hatred from many sources...they went to the wrong well.

Well done... and btw, you're both welcome to come back to Amsterdam whenever, the sofa's comfy and the cats are friendly and best of all, there's no Malkin or Donahue...

That's nothing... I was on the cover two months ago.

RP, I'd love to come back. You guys were such wonderful hosts when we visited last year. I hope you'll come see us in New York. Our congressional district is probably the bluest in the country. You'll dig it.

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