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February 13, 2007

Blogger Marcotte resigns from the Edwards campaign

Sad news: Amanda Marcotte has resigned as head blogger for the Edwards campaign.

Apparently, one of the last straws was a very mild review of Children of Men in which she opined that a core tenet of Catholic theology is patriarchal.

How stupid has American political discourse become when it's considered anti-Catholic to point out that the Roman Catholic Church is patriarchal?

The pope was known as the "Patriarch of the West" until last year! According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the church still has officially designated patriarchs (cf. Section V. existing patriarchs).

If you've got an all-male hierarchy in which power devolves downward from the Holy Father through various subordinate guys known as "father," what kind of structure are we dealing with?


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Agreed, cfrost. I'd venture that America is more obsessed by religion than any non-theocracy in the world. It's strange...

2) Edwards won't even be Veep candidate. They're in? They're out? They're in again? They're out again? Strictly amature.

I don't think this will affect his campaign at all long term in anyone's eyes, and I don't think it reflects anything but positively on his campaign -- for hiring her in the fist place, and for keeping her until she decided it was time to leave. In six months, no one but a small group of bloggers and blog readers is going to remember this. The only effect it will have is those that come with losing someone of Amanda's talent.

To be fair, it usually only takes me four days to whip me up an omelet, five tops.

Me too. And then I need a whole day to just kick back and recharge my batteries afterwards.

Oh, and what Chris said. I'm not thrilled about any of this, but I think it's overstating the case to say this will haunt Edwards down the line. The primaries are still almost a year away. Plenty of time for another sideshow to come along and send this one down the memory hole.

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