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February 05, 2007

From Michelle Malkin's lips...

Michelle Malkin has no idea how smart Amanda Marcotte is.

If she did she wouldn't volunteer to read Amanda's brilliant New Orleans post. Watch the video.


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In your response to me, you said:

"Don't cross your fingers hoping for a response from me."

Actually I was kind of hoping you would simply go away chastened and humiliated. The response you've actually given, in which you deny giving a response, is more than I'd hoped for. Self-negation is a rare quality to find, but I am glad to appreciate it when it appears. For this, I applaud you.


I appreciate the apology. I would have liked to think that two-plus years of commenting here earned me at least enough credibility to warrant a five-second fact check or a request for clarification, but whatever.

You're certainly free to give the benefit of the doubt to your "in real life" friends. Here, you did, and Lindsay did in more or less identical language in an email to me. I don't know that it made you a nepotistic asshat. It just made you wrong, and made me decide to move on to other hobbies.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know when I graduate in the spring. This blog has been among my main distractions on the Road to J.D.-hood, and I certainly owe Lindsay for that. L8er, sk8erz.

I would have liked to think that two-plus years of commenting here earned me at least enough credibility to warrant a five-second fact check or a request for clarification, but whatever.

Aeroman, listen: it's a freakin' blog comments section, not a peer-reviewed journal. As it is, I barely have time to read any political blogs anymore, let alone comment here -- if I have to fact-check everything you say (and, to be scrupulously fair to everybody, everything every other credible regular commenter says) before I jump in, then it ceases to be fun. That's not conversation, that's homework. So yeah, inevitably, I will at some point find myself mouthing off about something without knowing all the facts. When that happens, I apologize, and that's usually been enough for the offended party, who typically says (as you initially did) "Hey, no big deal, it's just a blog comment, these things happen" and we both move on our merry way.

Once again: I'd just read that the right-wing blogosphere was all over Amanda for allegedly "scrubbing" posts that turned out to have been lost due to server troubles. When I saw "scrubbing," that's what I thought of, because that's what I'd just read about. I didn't realize that you were talking about a different post, because, as I mentioned, I barely have time to read any political blogs anymore. This is now the third time I have apologized for my rush to judgement. I am sincerely sorry, especially since you seem to be taking this as a personal slight, which it isn't -- it's just me being busy and lazy. Anyway, if you ever come to New York, I'll buy you a beer.

"I got 50 bucks for Amanda if she gets fired from Edwards, to help with moving expenses since she just moved to take the job. If Edwards still has her working for him in a month, his campaign gets the money. Anyone else with me?"

Count me in.

cell: 434-825-7694


Don't worry about it. You've apologized more than is necessary.

That I don't think this seems like a super fun place to spend much time commenting anymore is a different issue. I'm fine with both of y'all personally, and will continue to sing your praises at every opportunity. Political blogs are a hobby for me, just like they are for you. The atmosphere I caught from this exchange made the hobby seem less fun, but that's of minor-to-no importance, really, and it's nothing against you or Lindsay personally. For what it's worth, at my first ridiculous, bought-my-way into DC fundraiser, I fully expect to say "You know who's an amazing advocate for our priorities? Lindsay Beyerstein!"

Seriously, I do appreciate it. You could've gotten away with not apologizing and suffered zero consequences, so it really does reflect well on you, as far as I'm concerned. Cheers.

Alon Levy, it seems to me that we're both saying (roughly) the same thing. Aren't we?

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