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February 27, 2007

Get well soon, Steve Gilliard

Steve Gilliard is up for open heart surgery.

Jen here. About to tuck into the 10 PM news, a drink, and bed.

Talked to Gilly this PM. Contrary to what one of his doctors said to my face yesterday, they now think that he has another valve infection. The exact term is "vegetation near the valve," which I guess is what they say because "infected snot" isn't a medical term.

Seriously, I'm pissed off. Gilly is somewhat passive about this--I'm trying to tell him to go through with the full chest CAT scan that he's slated for, just to double check that a) it really is the heart valve that's leaking and b) that it is the locus of infection, not something else that is infected (and his valve is just catching shit like a lobster trap).

And, of course, they still haven't clued him on the results (if any) of the antibiotic sensitivity threat that they allegedly ran.

As of right now, they are slating surgery as soon as they can.

Gilly thinks he'll be out a week after surgery. The last time he was in, he did at least 2 weeks in the ICU and even more in rehab.

So, readers, please have patience with this blog. He won't be back at the keyboard for a while.

To his BlogAd clients: Also please have patience; he's locked out of his emails and it may take a while to get him verification to get him back in.

To our writing folks: Please by all means continue to submit articles; we need the content. I have a fulltime job and can't post from work, and I'm trying to run my own life out here while taking care of what I can on Gilly's side. So please keep those articles coming! I will update everyone as I can.

And, special props to Jim our Webdude for tagging up our guest posts.

Bless you all and thanks for your continued good thoughts and wishes.

I knew Steve was sick, but I didn't realize he was up for heart surgery. I've been so buried with my own work that I've scarcely even been reading blogs.

Best wishes to Steve for a speedy recovery. Many thanks to Jen, his co-blogger for holding down the NewsBlog in addition to her demanding full-time job. 

I can't tell you how much I respect and admire them both.


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I've been reading his blog for 2-3 years and a) knew exactly as much as you did i.e. that he was sick, but holy shit! heart surgery!?!?! and b) didn't know he'd had similar surgery before.

Well, as athiests and agnostics we don't pray...but we can HOPE for the best and let Steve and his loved ones know that we are thinking about him.

Ugh. Seeing's how Gilliard's mostly been right on the money on Iraq, one can't afford not to read him. Here's wishing him the best.

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