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February 04, 2007

LEDs, IEDs and Double Ds in Boston?

During the Wednesday's Mooninite panic, police found two realistic fake pipe bombs.

These devices had nothing to do with the guerrilla marketing campaign.

How many suspicious packages do the BPD handle on any given day?

HT: Dan Kennedy.

While I was writing this post, I discovered the Boston Police Department blog. Here's an interesting item from the February 4th incident report:

Disgruntled Customer Arrested for Unpaid Bill at Centerfolds

About 1:30am today, a Boston Police officer performing a detail at Centerfolds arrested Stephen Ramm, 56, of Columbia, CT and charged him with Larceny Over $250, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest.

The officer’s attention was drawn to the suspect by management who reported that they had an unruly customer refusing to pay a bill in excess of $6,000. The officer responded to the suspect’s location and tried to reason with him but he became belligerent and pushed the officer. After some time of trying to convince the suspect to pay his tab, he was placed under arrest and charged with the above noted offenses.

Here's another good story from February 3:

Victim Chases Down Suspect After Attempted Robbery

Last night at 6:06pm, officers in District 11 responded to a radio for a man being held to the ground that had tried to stab someone. The victim stated she was walking near the intersection of Pleasant Street and Trescott Street, when the suspect came up from behind, grabbed her in a bear hug and demanded money or I’ll stab you. The victim stated at that time she felt an object being placed to her body. The victim stated that she kicked the suspect, and the suspect fled on foot towards Taft Street. A Good Samaritan observed this incident and started to run after the suspect along with the victim. The Good Samaritan and the victim caught up with suspect in front of 25 Pleasant Street and held him down until the police arrived. Daniel O’Connor, 47, of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with Intent to Rob while Armed. The victim declined medical attention and reported nothing was taking from her.

You've got to love a police blotter with comments and trackbacks.


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Actually, I do love the idea of an online police blotter. Accountability and transparency are improved, although they would be best served if badge numbers were included along with suspect names.

If nothing else, criminal defense lawyers could get updates so they'd be ready for calls from their regulars who have found themselves in cells yet again. And we all want to make the lives of criminal defense lawyers easier -- especially the cops.

$6000 dollars? Somebody was way too drunk.

I subscribed to the BPD RSS. I have a feeling I'll be checking in regularly.

If someone held me up at knifepoint, I doubt I'd resist. I'm more the "play along and do your best to get out of the situation alive" type. But I do admire the "kick him and then chase him down" approach. Makes a much better story, and is probably good for one's self-esteem.

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