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February 28, 2007

Lindsay Beyerstein and Lowell Feld on Heading Left at 2:00pm

I'm going to be on BlogTalk Radio this afternoon with Lowell Feld, Jim Webb's netroots coordinator to talk about blogs, politics, and campaigns.

Tune in to Heading Left at 2:00pm EST, today.

Jury duty is turning out to be much less restrictive than I thought it would be.


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You seem to have accidentally typed "Moving Left" in the headline instead of "Heading Left."

I'm sensitive to the difference, since I used to have a blog at:

cool interview. you have a cute voice

I listened to the segment. I was amused by the hosts' defense of poor, picked on Jack Murtha, considering how well he acquitted himself during the abscam investigation. (Once again those damn right-wingers engage in the worst sort of hate speech, i.e., accurately citing the historical record.)

What does abscam have to do with putting conditions on the escalation?

I don't particularly like John Murtha because he's a conservative Democrat with a shady past. He's also a poster boy for pork barrel politics. It just so happens, he's right about the war.

We shouldn't be sending any more troops into Iraq unless we give them the basic necessities like rest and equipment.

If you want to argue like that, let's just say that McCain is for the war and that he was also mixed up in the savings and loan fiasco. QED! Let's bring our boys home. Doesn't make sense, does it?

You are right, Lindsay; abscam does not have anything to do with the war, but it is a legitimate criticism of the man in general. (I haven't seen anything to substantiate the senility accusation, though.)

It is unfortunate that we are debating troop strength when we shouldn't really be there in the first place.

Most of the segment annoyed the hell out of me. It's not as if the Republicans have a perfect noise machine that makes it impossible for the Democrats to win anything. Forget 2006; in 2000 the Republican Party dropped four Senate seats. Rove managed to gain in 2002 and 2004 because of 9/11 and then Iraq; once the Republicans started tanking, the media let them collapse.

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