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February 11, 2007

New York tidbits

Simply the best local news story I've read in weeks: Of Mice and Councilmen. A sordid tale of a a mouse, a deep fryer, a local news story, a backlash, a protest, a cussin' councilman, and Channel 11 headquarters. [Runnin' Scared]

Today's saddest local news story: A Marine Corps veteran and struggling small business owner with lung cancer wins a $1 million lotto jackpot and fights to get the money fast enough to spend it on health care. [NYT]

America's Hypocrite Mayor is getting a lot less pro-choice now that he wants to be president. Now, Rudy is promising to appoint “strict constructionist” judges to the Supreme Court as president. We all know what that means. (It's odd that "originalism" is shorthand for "anti-abortion," isn't it? Abortion has been around as long as pregnancy, but the Framers didn't see fit to mention it in the constitution and anti-abortion laws didn't start cropping up until the the 1820's.) [NYT]

Governor Eliot Spitzer clashes with State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver over disclosing outside income. Currently, legislators in the state assembly are considered "part timers" who are allowed to make extra money on the side without disclosing that income. Silver, for example, pulls down an estimated $300,000/year as an attorney in addition to his $121,000 annual salary as speaker. [Gothamist]

Larry Littlefield has an excellent essay on taxes an intergenerational equity. [Room 8]


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Hi from Bermuda

I've had my issues with Spitzer, who bullied a lot of "little people" directly and indirectly and destroyed lives of same as Attorney General.


He's not dishonest, while Sheldon Silver and virtually the entire disfunctional gang of trial lawyers and/or ambulance chasers that consists of the NY State Legislature is dishonest.

Sheldon Silver and his fellow gangsters are a major reason why much of NY State is in decline, while the states around them prosper.

Spitzer has brass balls. And I must admit that he has shown a boldness in attacking the corrupt enterprise that is the NY Legislature that has not been seen in 100 years.


Spitzer tried very hard to have a competent person as the replacement for the ousted crook who was the NY Comptroller.

The Legislature agreed to a process of naming a replacement, then welshed on it.

The NY Post spoke to Thomas DiNapoli, the incompetent
boob who the Legislature picked for this important position. It makes for excellent reading.

Louisiana is the most corrupt state, but NY is right in the neighborhood


NY Post Article here.

The Post is most known for its crazy headlines and Page Six, but NY news junkies read it ( and the Times ) every day.

I hear you Phantom. It's just embarrassing that DiNapoli ended up being Comptroller in our great state.

The last guy was corrupt and had to go, but why did they put a nicompoop in his place? You can't throw a stone in this state without hitting some kind of financial wizard. How hard could it be to find someone to run our pension funds who was competent and honest?

Frankly, if it was my pension on the line, I'd rather have the crook who knew his business!

Enjoy the sun and sand.

I sure expected Rudolph Giuliani to begin to waffle on various issues in order to pander to the right wing of his party. The notion that judges should be selected on the basis of a judicial ideology only(i.e., "strict constructionist"), rather than their qualifications is indeed a disturbing one.

Gerald Ford chose Repulican Judge John Paul Stevens who is a self-styled political conservative, but certainly not a constructionist judge to replace Justice William O. Douglas. And Justice Stevens has managed to not betray most of the basic judicial philosophy of Douglas, and is seen as one of the most reasonable and flexible of the court members. But the notion under Bush that only those with a narrow right wing interpretation of the Constitution need be considered is indeed disturbing. These judicial hypocrites do play pick and choose on individual rights issues such as free speech or civil liberties. When Rudolph Giuliani claims to support this same judicial agenda, then voters should be wary that his administration would only be a continuation of most of the Bush agenda for yet another term.

Voters should reject any presidential candidate who refuse to nominate judges based on their qualifications, and who instead insist on narrow judicial ideology shopping.

If only we could get some strict constructionism applied to the War on Some Drugs.

Now, Rudy is promising to appoint “strict constructionist” judges to the Supreme Court as president.

Shocked, shocked, etc.

Phantom - greetings also from Bermuda! Heh. So I'm guessing you're in (re)insurance? If so, me too!

I've been of two minds on some of Spitzer's crusades, but love what he's doing here. Also, Giuliani...blech.


Insurance, not reinsurance!

Just came from a nice meal at Ascot's and now wind down at the Princess for the night. Three meetings tomorrow, then back home in time for some snow.

Nice place, this Bermuda. Though I've never been able to go to the beach. Meetings, some nice meals, then back home.

Phantom - excellent!

I'm in reinsurance myself. Hope you enjoyed your stay here!

Let's just be clear here. Originalism does not mean anti-abortion. The whole point of their position is that the constitution doesn't mention therefore abortion, and therefore doesn't protect it. Originalism only means that if a state passes a law against abortion, that law is not in conflict with the constitution.

Your argument that, "Abortion has been around as long as pregnancy, but the Framers didn't see fit to mention it in the constitution" actually SUPPORTS the position of originalism.

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