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February 03, 2007

Red light district

red, originally uploaded by uhoh over.

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Red light : Blue light :
V day coming up and you know how i feel about Vikines.

Back before I was born, my mom had (it being the 70s) a red pull-down shade in her bedroom; my parents say that it took three random late-night propositions for them to figure out what that looked like from the street when the lights were on.

The Cheneys and Red Light District Values

Amoral Mary recently op-eded the GOP mantra that you can't support the troops unless you support the mission. Yet here are evil Dick and her venomous Mom supporting her in opposition to primo Republican hate propaganda.
That they are right to support their child even while they all embody money first pornographic moral values sorta twists my brain a little.
(This is not a comment on Mary's sexual orientation, it's about her whoring for the GOP.)

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