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February 14, 2007

UFCW: Show Your Love for Grocery Workers


The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) is having a 24-hour online rally to support grocery workers.

We've been covering the struggle of New York's tips only grocery baggers, and we'll continue to bring you updates on their struggle to get paid.

These baggers are part of a much larger struggle to establish and protect quality jobs in the grocery industry. This year 400,000 grocery workers will launch a national campaign for better wages and benefits.

The UFCW is circulating an online petition for consumers who want to support grocery workers in their upcoming campaign:

As a grocery shopper and community member, I believe that grocery jobs should be career jobs--jobs that come with affordable family health care coverage, secure retirement benefits, fair and equal treatment in the workplace, and wages that pay that bills.

Grocery workers are an essential part of my community, and I support them in their fight for better jobs in the grocery industry.

Signed by:
[Your name]
[Your address]

Sign here.

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Thanks for consistently bringing attention to labor issues on your blog. Grocery work is one of the few areas left in the American economy where (thanks to unions) it's possible to earn a fairly middle class income with health coverage without having a college degree. And as such, grocery workers have been under relentless attack from the supermarket chains' attempts to roll back wages and benefits and turn fulltime workers into part time ones. And the sad thing is, one sees a lot of otherwise liberal people not really giving a damn.

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