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March 27, 2007

Ann Althouse on Bloggingheads.TV

Welcome, viewers: Here's the Jessica Valenti breast controversy post you're looking for.

I'm told that posted a memorable exchange between Ann Althouse and Garance Franke-Ruta in which Althouse appears very angry at Ruta. I haven't seen the video because I'm a Mac user and I can't get to play on my machine. Does anyone have the video in a more Mac-friendly format?

Althouse is blogging about the exchange here.


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I know your degree is in literature, which I consider legitimate. (You informed me of that the first time you banned me, after I mocked gender studies.) The parenthetical applies to the Feministing fruit loops only. (That is not to suggest you are not a fruit loop, but at least you are one with a legit degree.)

The only things the sorts of degrees they possess are good for are feticide advocacy, suckling-from-the-government-teat advocacy and parasitism at universities.

I know your degree is in literature, which I consider legitimate.

Here that, Amanda? You passed! You must be so relieved!

Could be, Packerland. I'll admit my first reaction was schadenfreude -- great, she's not only stupid, but emotionally unstable too! I repent. She's been a figure of fun for too long. And it's possible that some of her exceptional stupidities, like her defense of the de Menezes killing, or the blinking-in-code bit, are the result of an inability to empathize.

At the same time, her style -- the chips on the shoulder, the self-pitying outrage, the rapid escalation to abusive language -- is typical of a whole breed of blogger and blog-commenter. In her case I think it's genuine and not an act, but maybe the blogosphere rewards people who behave like that.

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