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March 14, 2007

Anthony Ciolli resigns from AutoAdmit

Anthony Ciolli has stepped down as Chief Education Director of the AutoAdmit admissions board. Ciolli is satirically "eulogized" by an AutoAdmit acolyte here.

Ciolli says he's stepping down because he has been the victim of "cyber-harassment" following Ellen Nakashima's Washington Post expose of AutoAdmit's long record of sexist, racist, and otherwise intimidating threads by AA's pseudonymous law students posting about their named female classmates. You can read Jill's own AutoAdmit backstory here.

Luckily for us, Jill's a lot tougher than Anthony Ciolli.*

*Correction: Anthony Ciolli emailed me to stress that he stepped down because of an incident of cyber-harassment that was directed at a third party, not because of any harassment he suffered. Ciolli confirmed that, as aeroman suggested in the comments below, he resigned over this incident in which an AutoAdmit poster announced that he was going to send a derogatory letter about a Yale Law student to YLS faculty.


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Unluckily for us, Mr. Ciolli is still a lawyer.

Also unluckily for us, Dick Cheney is technically a human being. Luckily for AutoAdmit, Mr. Cheney will be leaving his current job in less than 2 years, and I can't see Cardinal Richeney relocating to Dubai in 2009. The heat would probably cause him to exceed his one heart attack per year quota. Therefore I think he'd be the perfect man (technically human, remember) to take charge of such a prestigious legal website. I'm sure even lesbian jokes wouldn't bother him.

He's not a lawyer yet. I'd not be shocked if whatever state bar he applies to hears a thing or two about this.

A victim of cyber-harassment?

That's like saying Ann Coulter is a victim of right-wing hate speech.

Is Ciolli saying he was the victim of cyber-harassment? I thought he said he was stepping down because he couldn't be associated with some of the recent cyber-harassment since the article, specifically the email sent to the Yale Law faculty.

You're probably right aeroman. I just assumed from Jill's post that Ciolli was playing the victim after getting massive unfavorable exposure in the WaPo and the blogosphere.

Are we sure the letter to YLS faculty was the incident of cyber-harassment that prompted the resignation? I can readily believe there would have been a backlash if that crazy poster sent out the letter he claimed he was sending. I remember watching that thread unfolding at AutoAdmit and mentioning on Volokh. I went away unclear about whether the guy had sent the thing or not. Even some of his AA brethren were counseling reason on that one.

At least Ciolli isn't playing the standard conservative "counter-intuitive victim" card.

Thanks for the info, aero. Hopefully he won't become a lawyer, so there's still hope.

If that happens I'll bet anything that he'll cry from the highest mountain that he's a victim of a high-tech lynching. Conservatives always fall victim to one of our favorite liberal traps. His dim future will certainly have nothing to do with the piss-poor choices he's made, n'est-ce pas?

If that letter was sent to the YLS faculty, it was almost certainly nearly, if not totally, harmless. That isn't because the drafter was good-natured or responsible. It's because he or she wrote a pathetic, stupid email that no faculty member in his or her right mind would pay attention to.

It seems strange, then, that that email would be the final straw for Ciolli - and in such convenient proximity to the Washington Post story and the backlash.

Very strange. I've always thought Auto Admit comments were a backlash by white males against women and minorities who are now competing for jobs at the highest level firms. Auto Admit allowed for anonymous personality assasination and the fact that it did actually seem to do damage to women's career opps may have finally got through to Ciolli; I think that's why the most recent "thread" became the "last straw."

It wouldn't surprise me if the letter became the last straw precisely because it was so silly. If it was sent, it probably would have annoyed/amused the YLS faculty and turned some powerful people against AutoAdmit. I think Ciollis may have had enough sense to realize that he couldn't control the vicious pack that he had assembled at AutoAdmit and that it was better to distance himself lest their attacks tarnish his reputation.

If Ciolli is intending to become a lawyer, and in that event shows the same sociopatic incompetence in the areas of reason and ethics, then he'll be a failure at that also.

Oh, wait: A Bush fake "conservative" would give him a Medal of Freedom and appoint him to the SC.

Maybe if we all put our heads together we can find the right answer to this puzzling event. As long as we're respectful of everyone's right to exist as s/he wishes.

Anthony Ciolli's attempt to insulate himself from potential legal trouble by resigning as "Chief Education Director" from AutoAdmit is too little too late. People need to take a stand here and report this to the New York Bar as well as to any of Anthony's future employers.

I don't care what sort of First Amendment justifications Anthony Ciolli has made here. He has allowed all these racist and misogynistic comments on that cesspool of a website, AutoAdmit, to go unchecked for too long. There has to be a way to let the New York Bar and his future employers know that Anthony Ciolli has virtually condoned defamation of his fellow law students, all in the name of free speech.

Anthony Ciolli has not yet been admitted to the bar. If we take action and allow our voices to be heard, we can make sure that he does not go unpunished for all the suffering he's caused. He has irreparably harmed the lives and careers of several young law students. He needs to understand what payback means.

Again, Anthony Ciolli's resignation as Chief Education Director of AutoAdmit is a lame attempt to save his own skin. He would not have done so if not for the media attention. There has to be a way to make sure Anthony Ciolli gets a taste of his own medicine. The mediawide attention of AutoAdmit is not enough. We have to hit him hard where it hurts: we have to let the NY Bar (and all the other states where he plans on sitting for the bar) and his future employers know that this person does not have the ethics or character to be an attorney.

AA just brought to the surface what we know these people are thinking. Having this stuff at the surface is a good thing because it allows everyone to see what they are dealing with. Consider tucker max and philalawyer. Law is filled with people with repugnant attitudes.

I agree with the above poster that AA just brought to the surface our worst fears about attorneys. It's sad to see that supposedly some of the best and the brightest in our nation (many of these people love to brag about their prestige and Ivy League pedigree) engage in this low-life behavior.

It further saddens me that many of these people think that because of their status and wealth, they can get away with anything. Anthony Ciolli epitomizes the troubles that plague our youth. He's the self-entitled type who thinks that because of his Ivy League degrees and his wealth, he can completely disregard ethics of any kind. Anthony Ciolli is still heavily involved with Autoadmit; his resignation doesn't mean a thing. Hopefully his future employer (Edwards Angell) knows that if they indeed hire a guy like Anthony Ciolli, it is at best, a PR nightmare, and worst, a future white collar criminal. Sadly though, many of the nation's most prestigious firms often hire the most ruthless and unethical people, which explains the proliferation of white collar crimes recently.

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