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March 13, 2007

Hostile NY immigration judge canned

A New York judge has been removed from the bench after repeated rebukes for his abusive and unprofessional treament of asylum-seekers:

An immigration judge in New York who has been repeatedly rebuked by federal appeals judges for his hostile questioning of asylum-seekers was relieved of courtroom duties yesterday and reassigned to a desk job, lawyers and a union official said.

The judge, Jeffrey S. Chase, has been portrayed by supporters and even by some of his critics as a scapegoat in an escalating battle between the Justice Department, which employs immigration judges, and federal circuit courts around the country. [NYT]

Good riddance.


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Sounds like a textbook case of compassion fatigue, and God knows I can empathize. An immigration lawyer once warned me that that some of the craziest people in the federal bureaucracy could be found in the immigration system; its not at all hard to see why.

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