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March 19, 2007

Just duckie

540, originally uploaded by Carlos Noboro.

Today's FlickrFind.


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What an unusual image. Love it!

At first glance, it appeared tha the head of the duck was Inside the (egg-shaped) body... and that there was no "head" at all- just some spots on the inside of the translucent "shell". Getting the top of the "head" to merge with the outside of the "body" was critical to this effect... but the Bill ultimately sinks the illusion... Thanks!

That's now *two* images in a row that have gone straight to my desktop image folder. Wowza! (& thanks for posting)

Forget L'Orange - rather, a creamy green peppercorn sauce will do nicely.

If anyone knows where to find a luminous rubber duck, do tell.

Cass: that is a computer generated image. Rhino, Autocad or many other CG tools can get you a result like that.

looks like we are both a little hungry this morning, it is affecting our responses to "cute" in the same way.

If we get off our duffs and send in those contributions, do we get upgraded to the Peiking duck?

I love it.

Surely if we can digitally alter images and put a man on the moon, we can design a rubber ducky that glows, without risk of electrocution or radiation poisoning.

I got your ducks right here

From another gifted photographer

I noticed a similar ducky on the January Harper's cover. Is this the Year of the Bathtub Toy (or...)? ^..^

Yo, Phantom... is that series part of Curt Ebbesmeyer's "ducky flotsam " studies? pretty wild... ^..^

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