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March 14, 2007

Majikthise fundraiser: Day 3

Skyscraper Abstract, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

It's Pledge Week at Majikthise. Once again, thank you to all the readers who have donated.

As usual, I'll be taking requests for post topics. I'll be accepting requests for both photographs and prose. Please leave your requests in the comments below AND send me an email through the link on the upper left column. Depending on the volume of requests and the rest of the news cycle, it may take a while to accommodate all the requests. Don't hesitate to email to check on the status of your request.

You can make a donation by clicking the PayPal button below:

Thanks again for supporting independent journalism!


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no requests my dear. just keep doing what you're doing. love, the photos especially.


Seriously, I happened upon this blog after Lindsay wrote a great piece on Jerome Armstrong's astrology some moons ago. It was one of the best lefty blog pieces from that year because it was someone willing take on one of lefty blogophere's own (the "blogfather" no less) while so many were afraid to tackle it. It made her an independent voice within at-times a lefty circle-jerk. YEOW!

Do a PJ Harvey post!!!
(I tell everyone this. I love her.)

What is a PJ Harvey post?

It either has something to do with the animated show "The PJs" or a seven-foot-tall invisible rabbit in nightwear.

How about some philosophy blogging? A little bit on Quine maybe.

dammit, posted this in entirely the wrong place, sorry. Wondered why all the other commentators seemed to be requesting stories about your rss program.

while I'm at it, i'm also really curious to hear more reporting on this sorority story. i'd be very curious to hear from a) some evicted sisters, b) if possible, some of the sisters who weren't evicted (and especially the ones who didn't resign, although I doubt they're talking), c) some sisters from other campuses, and d) more generally, to hear whether there is pressure at other campuses to disassociate.

ok, back to my original, badly misplaced post. sorry.

I think your next salon story should be about Josh Marshall's role in revealing the usa firings. it was unlike anything i've ever seen the blogosphere accomplish; the closest examples I can think of were marshall on social security and marshall and a lot of others on strom thurmond. but in this case he was doing honest, good, investigative journalism, the kind that 30 years ago would have been done out of a newspaper--and as nearly as i can tell, for about 2 months he was literally a lone voice in the wilderness.

that or wittgenstein. quine is for losers.

"quine is for losers."

You take that back!

I'm glad to help out a little. And it was only a little. No requests from me except to keep doing what you are doing.

looks like you were beaten to the marshall story. Still seems like a very Salon-y story to me, though.

hey, Rorty, I finally have the chance I've been waiting for, all these years, to remind you of the relative heuristic powers of malt and Milton! Woo hoo!

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