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March 04, 2007

Michelle Malkin calls Nation writers "chickenshits", "assholes"

Max Blumenthal of the Nation approached Michelle Malkin and asked her to sign a picture of Japanese Americans in the Manzanar internment camp. Malkin is the author of a In Defense of Internment, a book about why it's okay for the U.S. to put its own citizens in camps during wars. So, you'd think she'd love to sign a picture of the Manzanar internment camp. Evidently, not...

Mike Stark caught up with Malkin a little later on...

Stark: “What happened, Michelle?

Malkin: “Some punks from the Nation came, and they ambushed me at my book signing.”

Stark: “Heh, that’s real professional.”

Malkin: “Yeah. Such chickenshits.”

Stark: “What did they do?”

Malkin: “Uh, they had a video camera, and they, uh, started, uh, lambasting my book. Assholes. I’m sorry, I’m just like, cursing. It’s made me [unintelligible]. ”

Sadly, No has the audio of Malkin cursing out the Nation reporters to Stark.

Video here.


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Michelle Malkin: "It made me [unintelligible]."

Fun with the use/mention distinction!

aeroman beat me to it.

Funny that Malkin would call an open confrontation "chickenshit." What would be the "brave" way for an interviewer to engage in a dialog with an author?

In that vein, why wouldn't Malkin stand her ground and discuss the matter? That would have been braver than running away, seems to me. What exactly did she have to fear?

In a similar situation, unless I feared bodily harm from the interviewer, I would have continued with the discussion in the presence of the video camera. Isn't that what TV journalism is all about? Getting interviewed by a team with a camera?

Granted, the interviewer was taunting Malkin a bit, but why not use the opportunity to present one's point of view, instead of running away?

Or am I missing something?

Only left-wing bloggers use bad words, but poor Ms. Malkin is required by her job to read them, and she has become infected, just like the otherwise sweet and reasonable Ann Coulter saying "faggot." Perhaps she can go to rehab and be cured.

What I don't understand is why she didn't just happily sign it if that's what she really believes. If I wrote a book saying I found some historical conduct of our government was the right thing to do, I'd happily sign a picture of that conduct. Apparently she does not have the courage of her convictions.

Well, officially it's only intolerance if it's aimed at the majority religion in the U.S.

Yeah, Malkin lost it a little, as is that pretty woman's predictable wont. (Such alliteration! I'm in MoDo mode!) But I thought Blumenthal's antics were also a bit high schoolish. If his purpose was to show how miserably Malkin deals with such situations he certainly succeeded, but not without a wee sacrifice to his own dignity.

Entering the premises --with an intact brain -- in which such an event occurs always incurs a sacrifice of one's own dignity.


No one reads Blumenthal rantings so he goes 'high school' on Malkin? Hilarious. The only thing missing is his 'Che' t-shirt.

A better definition of 'Chikensh*t' I can not think of, unless it's anyone who smears Malkin's views on the internment camps without posting her response to the moonbat attacks:

She slaps Eric Muller silly (or even sillier) with his own nonsense.

Someone should ask Blumenthal to sign pics of Ortega's victims.

Too funny!

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