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March 01, 2007

News roundup

-Twelve-year-old Deamonte Driver, a poor kid with with no dental coverage, died of an abscessed tooth.

-There was a break-in over the weekend at New Hamshire Democratic Party headquarters in Concord. Five weeks earlier, the NHDP headquarters in Manchester were broken into. The Manchester thieves didn't take anything, but the Concord burglars took laptops and other equipment. If I had the raw data, I'd like to sit down and calculate the odds of either of these buildings being getting an ordinary criminal break-in this year, relative to the crime rates in their respective neighborhoods. The odds of both of them getting hit are easy to caluculate from there. Rare coincidences happen, but I'd like to know exactly how rare this coincidence is supposed to be.

-The number of severely poor Americans is growing, according to an analysis by McClatchey Newspapers.  More Americans now live in severe poverty than at any time in the past 32 years. Severe poverty is roughly equivalent to in income of $5000/year for an individual or 10,000/year for a family of four.

-TechPresident has an interesting post on the coming MySpace wars of '08. Will candidates seek and destroy favorable/unfavorable pages on MySpace? 

-Where does John Edwards stand on immigration?

Update: Hunger kills 18,000 kids each day, and nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night, the head of the UN Food Agency reports. [HT: ChrisR]


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Gee Lindsay, in one day you give us Deamonte Driver, Katrina, and the severely poor in the U.S. If you had written about this news item, you would have hit for the cycle.

Thanks for these posts.

When I was growing up, my Granny used to tell me that in the "olden days" people used to actually die of absessed teeth quite commonly. Which is exactly where the rightwing, anti-universal single payer health insurance advocates want us to be.

You are certifiably insane and quite moronic. A person's writings, when they are hired to write, are excellent examples and proof of their position. You must be just a stupid as Amanda. I am an atheist, but when this fucking wingnut (Amanda Marcotte) made it clear that Raleigh-Durham had better continue with the Nifong way and suborn perjury, withold evidence, violate the law and rights to due process, suck on the tit of racists such as the Black Panthers, castrate and otherwise attack 3 INNOCENT men she lost any credibility (and so did you, asshat) she might have had. She quit because she is a quitter. You didn't do it, because you don't have the courage of your beliefs, period. I would like to vote for Al Gore, since Edwards is likely not electable. That being said, Amanda Marcotte is living proof of the Peter Principal (as are you), since you both have risen to you level of incompetence working in menial jobs and "blogging" (which will NO impact on any general election, ask Joe Trippy, it doesn't work). The next time you open you pathetic pieholes remember you may held accountable for what you said. It is likely Amanda will be sued for her inflammtory, incorrect, libelous and slanderous statemetns about the Duke athletes. You are both losers. The extremes that people like you and Amanda and idiots like Donahue represent may be accepted for a short time but they eventually weeds themselves out since the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. You will find this out when you are older, more experienced and, hopefully, more intelligent.

That's pretty big talk for a pseudonymous commenter, "Ben Dover." How about showing the courage of your convictions and signing your real name?

Wow, Ben is shown that poor people in the US are actually dying because of our health care policies, and all he cares about is three rich white boys looking bad in the media.

Explains a lot about why we're in this handbasket.

Hi Lindsay, I've made it one of my principal principles not to pay any attention to people like Ben Dover who don't know the difference between principle and principal. I guess he missed school the day they taught us the principle that the principal is your pal.

Unlike you, I have much more real world experience, wealth and am much more qualified to comment. Nice evasion though which demonstrates how truly out of touch with reality you are. Any time the legal system is compromised for political and reasons of power, it should always be a reason for concern and action, whether Abu Ghraib and the total lack of accountability at the senior staff level (yes, I was a officer in the Military who served in combat), or Gitmo and the mistreatment and violation of our laws and the Geneva Conventions denoting our current leadership war criminals (justifiably so) or charging people with crimes they did not commit (like the 3 innocent men in Raleigh-Durham). Asshat, you can't pick and choose what you believe, depending upon whether it affects someone whom you feel is not entitled to justice. You really need to grow up and obtain some actual experience. Also, you need to be intellectually honest and consistent in your application of your "beliefs", as you clearly are not.

Right. You're a rich and important anonymous troll and therefore you're courageous no matter what you do. Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to vote Republican?

Jiminy Christmas, Ben Dover, you need to chill. When did say anything about the justice system? I gently applied a little spelling-nazi snark, which is coin of the realm in the blogosphere. If you have something to say about Lindsay Beyerstein's remarks on the Duke case, then here's the place to quote her and to apply your real world experience and wealth to analyzing it. If you have something to say about Amanda Marcotte's treatment of it, I would suggest Pandagon. But as it's Lindsay's blog, that's really her call.

Don't make the misinformed and adolescent assumption that because one is rich and very successful that routinely vote republican. I voted for Kerry last time. I prefer the most qualified candidate and have voted for Democrats, Republicans and 1x voted independent. Don't be so stupid as to vote strict party lines, it only demonstrates how childish you are. Politics makes for unusual and strange alliances, based upon actual experience and economic/political realities, something it appears that none of you understand.

It sucks that the kid dies of such a correctable problem. But how is the right wing at fault? If I recall, Hillary tried and FAILED to revamp the health care industry while she was, er, Willy was Prez. It is a sad thing that people can not get the proper health care or dental care. But I see NEITHER side making any headway in fixing the problem. As I have advocated here for a while now, we are wasting money and lives (Yes, I have the Balls to say wasting, unlike Obama and McCain!) on a f'ed up situation in Iraq when we could be aiding our own citizens and fixing our country.

As for the NH break-ins...nice try on your veiled attempt to blame the right. ;)

On the hunger thing, again, sad. But is it our job (the U.S.) to feed the world? These countries where people are starving need to get their shit together. If they want U.S. help, i.e. U.S. money, then they should subject themselves to a certain amount of U.S. oversite. Quid pro quo! They nothing else to offer us.

Ben Dover: Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side!! Lighten the fuck up!

Dangerous principle, B-M. After having bankrolled our own government and military to the tune of trillions of dollars, the Chinese might reasonably start asking for a little oversite power themselves.

And that should be "oversight", of course.

I would love to see some evidence of China subsidizing the U.S. The only thing I am aware of is Ole WIlly boy selling our military technology to the Chinese. They now have long range bomber and advanced jet capability thanks to Bill. I am unaware of any debt owed to China. However, I am admittedly not to up to speed on what it owed to who on the world stage. My point was more along the lines of 3rd world countries who cannot keep order or run a legit government, but want money feed their poor and hungry. Last time I checked, China wasn;t feeding our poor and hungry. Hell, neither are we!

But if you have hard facts and numbers, I will gladly look at them. I like to learn new things!

Of course Cass. I was typing fast, and decided not to change it. But thanks for the spelling lesson! ;)

B-Money, you have an odd screen name for someone who is "unaware of any debt owed to China." Here's a link to the US Treasury list of external debt. Latest figures (December 2006) show China with $349.6 billion is second only to Japan with $644.3 billion.

Can we start calling the money we owe to China the "C-Money"?

Screen name is just a nickname I picked up when I was younger. To be "money" was a compliment. (See The movie "Swingers".) So it has absolutely nothing to do with ecomonics.

Interesting link. It's nice to see we owe $52B to Brazil! Brazil?? Wow. I will be honest, I never got the whole national debt thing. My basic understanding is that we sell securities to "investors", other countries, and they then earn interest on this "loan". They can sell their securities for cash at any time. Like T-Bills. I have some of those somewhere. Never knew how they worked. I always have them sold at the advice of my accountant.

Hi B, back in the day, people used to say "money" when I rose up for a jumper all the time, but I preferred "rain," as in, "my shot is sweet and soft as rain, falling from the sky." :)

Nice! I think my grandpa was a rainmaker like that! J/K ;) I remember that term from when I was a kid. I could hoop back in the day! Now I am a different kind of rainmaker!

"Interesting link. It's nice to see we owe $52B to Brazil! Brazil?? Wow. I will be honest, I never got the whole national debt thing. My basic understanding is that we sell securities to "investors", other countries, and they then earn interest on this "loan". They can sell their securities for cash at any time. Like T-Bills."

B-Money, I hope you won't mind a somewhat random question, but did you ever support Ross Perot? This passage above reminds strongly of two friends of mine who used to call themselves independents and, during the 90s, supported Perot. In recent years they've become fairly steady supporters of Bush. In conversation, they make some interesting points about national security but they always stun me with their lack of awareness about economics. I've wondered if they represent a distinct personality type.

LK -

Nope. Never supported Perot. I thought he was a schmuck then, as much as I do now. Voted for Clinton in the 90's. I lost my interest in economics once I started law school. Plus I was never really that into econ. Very boring. And I never had any money. Now I have an accountant whom I trust immensely and do not need to waste my time with a topic I have have no time to learn.

So while I feel I should take offense to your tone and what I suspect was an insult, I will not. You do not know me so I will take your question as exploratory rather than inflammatory.

I lost my interest in economics once I started law school.

Sometimes a single sentence can cut so deeply at the heart of what's wrong with a profession...

Fuck off aeroman. You were probably not smart enoguh to get into law school so now you slam the profession. Go back to your communist manifestos and over-priced coffee shops where you think you are cool.

That's funny. Where'd you go to law school? I bet mine is better.

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