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March 09, 2007

Pharma spam

My_canadian_pharm_1 I love the heroic pose of these "Canadian pharmacists." According to the unsolicited bulk email I received this morning, these selfless professionals will supply me with high quality prescription drugs "instantly."

"Order anytime, even if is 3am. Buy and cure yourself!"


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Why are they wearing stethoscopes if they're (a) pharmacists, and (b) online?

Oh, well - they're cute, heroic, and supply cheap drugs. Three cheers!

I hate this fascist aesthetic. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find very close analogues in Nazi imagery: the shot from below, the white clothes, the white skin, the thin but muscular bodies, and most importantly, the resolute gaze into the future they fearlessly face.

I'll bet stock photography like that costs at least 3 bucks. Maybe as much as 10 bucks.

I think the picture is hilarious because someone thought it was a smart marketing move to reimagine Canadian pharmacists in the fascist aesthetic.

The fact that the subjects are wearing stethoscopes is a dead giveaway for stock photography. There's no way this online pharmacy had its own photo shoot for this.

Here's a Nazi propaganda poster that comes close to fitting all of John P's criteria. And this, this, and this are pretty close too.

"Those who forget history are doomed to devise stupid marketing campaigns."

I find the pleonasm in the advertisement distressing. If you ship to all destinations, then you obviously ship worldwide. They used too many words to convey the meaning. How could anyone possibly trust such people to feed his addiction to painkillers?

Aren't those epaulettes on their shoulders? Was this a modified US Navy doctor shot?

Gershowitz, you're forgetting the intergalactic market. The next phase of the marketing campaign will be modeled after this.

Their pants have belt-loops, and yet they are unbelted? I would not trust such slovenly, unbelted louts to supply the correct drugs to me.

Hi Chris, thanks very much for the links, but unfortunately it seems I can only get a 403 error message since I'm not part of Calvin College. Is there another site you can direct us to?

Strange, I was able to get there from the main poster page, and I'm not part of Calvin College.

I found some other copies: Poster 1, Poster 2, and Poster 3.

I can't find poster 4, which has the words "Gerade Du!". I did find a poster with the same words that is uncomfortably reminiscent of another poster we in the U.S. know. I'm not sure which came first.

Actually, if anyone knows of a reliable Canadian pharmacy that will let me use my Noritate prescription, that would be awesome. My health plan won't cover it and I'm vain enough that I prefer not to have giant patches of rosacea all over my face.

Canadian...not!! Check the link on the site and it is more than likely a .ru or some other exotic locale. These folks are trollers for credit cards.

I occasionally use a no-prescription internet pharmacy based out of Vanuatu. The meds are from India and/or for the Australian/New Zealand market.

Needless to say, I think it is amazingly cool to get air mail shipments from Vanuatu.

So far (several years) I haven't had any problems.

Mnemosyne, the place I use has a cream of a similar product. At least, they carry it. They're out of it at the moment.

"Aren't those epaulettes on their shoulders? Was this a modified US Navy doctor shot?"

Maybe it was taken on the Scientology cruise ship and those are two Sea Org medical officers.

In which case you shouldn't expect to get any antidepressants from them, but you will get a free Personality Test.

Oh, well - they're cute, heroic, and supply cheap drugs. Three cheers!

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