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March 13, 2007

Pledge Week at Majikthise: Day 2

Clownfish on Blue, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

It's Pledge Week at Majikthise. Many thanks to all those who have donated.

As usual, I'll be taking requests for post topics. I'll be accepting requests for both photographs and prose. Please leave your requests in the comments below AND send me an email through the link on the upper left column. Depending on the volume of requests and the rest of the news cycle, it may take a while to accommodate everyone. Don't hesitate to email to check on the status of your request.

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Hi Lindsay,

Long-time reader, first-time commenter here. A while back, you mentioned you were preparing a big ev-psych post for the Washington Monthly. Maybe my Googling skills aren't up to the task, but I can't find that piece anywhere, so I assume it never materialized. I'd be interested in hearing your take on that issue.

I'll post this in case others run into the same problem I ran into: proceeding from the paypal link in the post, I was taken to a page where I could specify the donation amount, and then enter my password to login to paypal. Paypal then asked me to add a new credit card--presumably because I hadn't used Paypal since my credit card expiration. So I enter the old CC number with the new expiration date and security code. But Paypal didn't accept this because the card was already on my account. I was at a dead end--nowhere to click past this cul de sac! So I just went to the main Paypal updated my card info there, then came back to donate here. You'd think Paypal has been around long enough to have these bugs worked out! (Paypal will be given a copy of this comment.)

Bottom line: if you've an expired card at Paypal, go to Paypal independently and update your info before clicking on the above link!

well, I can read the NYT for free, and is has informational content. I subscribed to Economist when I was in the US because it had both excellent reportage and valuable insights. I don't see anything like that here. I gave 25 bucks to Bush's re-election campaign just for cheap laughs, to see a nation of idiots led by an idiot for another four years. And that was good value for money: the surge, maybe another S.Ct nomination, just watching W fumble with the English language and simple concepts. I read blogs like this also just for cheap laughs, but your problem here is that silly posturing and parlor leftism are kind of like air. Essential, for breathing or my entertainment, but freely available. If this blog shuts down tomorrow, there are a million other people out there posing as serious intellectuals, journalists, whatever, while peddling the same non-sense.


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