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March 24, 2007

The iRack

HT: Mia Culpa.


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I propose distributing 1,000 copies (beta version) of iQuit to all members of government.

My mom of all people sent me that video, so I sent it to Diane at Mia Culpa because she frequently posts videos. Had I known you'd have been interested I'd have sent it directly to you too, Lindsay. It is pretty clever, n'est-ce pas?

i find this hilarious.

the use of the ubiquitous office-consultant-BS-slang word "synergy" really knocked me out.

i love that word "synergy". if you could invest in single words, that particular combination shot sky high, like any great internet success story during the late 90s.

It was EVERYWHERE. i have witnessed an obscenely large amount of bad words in business, but synergy takes the cake. it's such a stupid word, and what does it do exactly? synergies...just dream of the possibilities...really...they are there!

no other word has taken the modern corporate american world by storm quite like synergy. someone in a large & well funded educational institution that cares about words should should conduct a thorough study. i will guarantee the results myself, and in fact place my entire reputation in letters on the line. The window you need to look at is 1995 onward. currently, synergy is still going strong and in near peak form as a wordly financial investment. But I think synergy's number is almost up. I advise a sell, if you are holding any in your portfolio.

the writing of the Steve Jobs sales pitch has just about all of the bad sales jargon so obvious today.

in the early 90s, the word 'def' was retired in true fashion & style. with that event as inspiration for proper business dialog in the future, i propose the occasional online funeral for certain business related words, like synergy. this way, the professionals can return to their jobs and get back to work without being bothered by stupid corporate nonsensical language training seminars. if another word was used more often to close more bad business in the late 90s & early 00s, i can't think of it.

if you wanted to know, words like 'synergy' are the precise reason why i created the word 'revenantive', but i put a little bit more thought into my made up word than the people who conjured up 'synergy' in their spare time.

in business, it's sales, not is so simple. why does it have to get so complicated? i am sure it's sinful on some fundamental level when i worry too hard about this sort of stuff. but i am sticking to my guns when it comes to words like synergy.

that's what i see as the big message in this great video. a great sales pitch, almost ruined by a single word.

thanks for sharing!

instant classic, if that's new.

The message is clear, too bad the humor isn't.

The humor is: no reply to e-mails.

My e-mails that is.

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