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April 03, 2007

Baby chameleons

Baby chameleons, originally uploaded by essexjan.

Todays FlickrFind.


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I have been watching the much Bally-Hoo’d Mini-series “the planet” (or whatever its called). Anyway – they had rainbow desert lizards the other day the were quite psychedelic.

Compound W will clear those right up.

What I notice about those chameleons is that heir faces don't look young, they look just like smaller versions of adult chameleons.

I think the one on the right is a girl, and the two on the left are boys. The boys are saying "Hey baby! Let's go out!"

It's amazing how an actual creature can look so fake.

When I click the Technorati tag "cute" I'm taken to a page with--among other things--videos of Rumsfeld.

Delurking to pedant: they're not geckos. Geckos are Gekkonidae, chameleons are Chamaeleonidae.

hiya well if you still want to find out the the sex of the chameleons the boys will have a exra nail at the back foot, on both of the back legs and if they are girls they dnt have it.
i was wondering do you have any tips because my lizard dont wont to come out and he opens his mouth at me but he is only a baby
wb thanks lisa

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