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April 21, 2007

Blogger outed, threatened for human rights posts

More cyber-thuggery...

Deviousdiva is an British expat living in Greece and blogging at This Is Not My Country. She was recently outed by racists who are furious at her for her coverage of the deplorable living conditions and discrimination against the Roma minority in Athens.

DD writes eloquently about her visits to Roma camps where people live without running water under constant threat of eviction.

I must admit, I didn't know about DD's work, or her run-in with internet bullies, until Sheelzebub and Chris Clarke tipped me off. 

So, thanks, racists, for calling attention to the plight of the Roma in Athens--something you were so scared the world would find out about that you tried to silence the young mother who blew the whistle.


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Charlie Chaplin was half Roma.

It's sad that it remains OK in most countries to be racist fucks towards the Roma, historically one of the most persecuted ethnic groups in Europe (perhaps the most persecuted). The Greek government only recently even acknowledged that there was a problem in the living conditions of the Roma in Athens. It's good to find that there's a blogger raising the issue relentlessly.

Sometimes I'm stunned by the things I am clueless of. Good for this lady. Hats off to her. Thank YOU for supporting her.

Where can I sign up to be a "cyber bouncer"?

I like nothing more (in the on-line world) than ridiculing the redneck Bushpigs of the world. I truly hate their smug certainty concerning Creationism, stem-cell worship, hatred of sexual diversity, predatory corporate support, and war-machine idolatry.

I know, I know - the good guys win by setting the bar high.....

But sometimes you have to hit them back.

And the close-minded jerks on the right don't let me post on "their" boards.... even if I launched into a Prufrockian stumblebus that would give them temporary hope.

Jeebus. These people are just sick.

If anyone is aware of bloggers of Roma heritage or culture, I would be grateful to learn about them.

You know, and I hope Lindsay reads this (I hate this whole assumed familiarity/first name thing, but how are people supposed to address each other on the blogosphere?), there's a real case to be made for responsability if anyone ever gets hurt because of these outings. This may be obvious, but it may be true in a legal sense too. If you reveal the information about someone with the intent that revealing it would put someone in harms way, and something does happen, doesn't that make you an accessory to the crime?

Trackback (auto version seems to have failed). Thanks for posting about this, Lindsay.

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