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April 14, 2007


Boss Cocky, originally uploaded by AlexandraPhotos.

Today's FlickrFind.

These beauties are sulfur crested cockatoos.


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In California, the wild parrot population is growing...are these "cocks or two" wild? They look too cool for school.

I've always wanted an african grey...but at my age I'm too old to raise one, and it wouldn't be fair.

I've wanted a full-sized parrot ever since I was a kid. My choice would be a Moluccan cockatoo, a hyacinth macaw, or a scarlet macaw. (Bred in captivity, of course.) I'd even be happy with a sun conure. Unfortunatly, they make too much noise for apartment living.

The birds in this picture are wild. The photog lives in Australia, I believe. These guys showed up on a Saturday morning and woke him/her up.

As an aside, these birds are considered a pest by many Australians in the areas where they live. The primary objection seemed to be that they're too noisy.

Yeah, I've lived in Australia for a bit, and I'll tell you, the noise of a flock of cockatoos outside your window at dawn is horrendous. If it were industrial or commercial noise, it would be illegal.

A cockatoo nearly snipped off my finger. But I still love 'em.

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