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April 16, 2007

Gunman kills 33 at VA Tech

MSNBC is reporting that a gunman opened fire in a Virginia Tech dormitory and at least one other building on campus, killing at least 33 people and wounding 30 others. (Cf. update.)

Via Cliff Schecter.

Check from updates VA Tech student journalists. The Collegiate Times website is down is down, but their reports are being posted on the main College Media site is posting their dispatches from the ground, including photographs.


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The first thing, of course, I always want to know: was he looking for his girlfriend? According to my co-worker he was, but I don't know her source. We'll just have to see.


Insanity. I have a few friends at VT, I hope they are OK.

I'm sorry to hear that, Andrew. I hope they're okay.

Thanks. It turns out they're fine, although understandably a bit shaken up.

This is America imitating itself.Another day in the secret life of the American college. There is nothing "horrifying" about this. Just another iteration of a reiteration of what is now a classic American trope. What was really jaded was Bush's paen to the sanctity of gun ownership. Let us all hope the Iraqi insurgency continues to violate that sanctity.

Imagine the fascist helicopters swarming to leave off the roofs of the Green Zone. Como en Vietnam.

Now don't we all feel better now?

I suppose now we'll be hearing from the NRA "an armed society is a polite society" types that if everyone on campus were "packing heat" psycho killers would be crumpled in a hail of righteous second amendment lead before they hurt anyone.

Perhaps we should feel lucky that, living in a country with 300 million people, thousands of which are mentally ill with no health insurance and no treatment for it, only one nut with a gun goes on a rampage every few years, rather than more often.

Sure enough, the blood's not even dry and the First Ghoul, er, the president is already genuflecting in the NRA’s direction.

It's swell that some of you are milking this tragedy for political capital.

PS My friend Lane is a librarian at Virginia Tech. I hope to hear from him soon.

Glad to hear your friends are okay, Andrew. Robert, I hope get good news from your friend soon.

As far as political hay, Instapundit wasted no time in championing concealed carry bills in the wake of the tragedy.

Thanks Lindsay. I'm pretty sure Lane sticks to the library except for lunchtime, when he heads to their food court (both of which could have been targets of the crazed murderer--thank heaven for small favors).

One of the faculty members who was killed was teaching Advanced Hydrology at the time; I didn't know him, but he taught other classes that I teach at my university. A friend whom I see at an annual conference has an office in Norris Hall, where many of the shootings occurred. I haven't heard from him yet.

My dear 'cfrost', of the perfectly lilting net.moniker:

I might commend your attention to the matter of the Appalachian School of Law --

...and the actions of two honest, brave, and armed citizens who put a stop to that horror before the cops could even belch over their most recent donuts.

Let me only point out, in addition, that I wish the NRA would fall down and bump its head, because everything about it is lame. I have nothing to do with them, never have, and never would.

Lindsay -- check me on this:

Reynolds' first post on the matter yesterday is time-stamped at 12:50pm. His updates are never stamped, and we know that the first one arrived sometime after that. It was only that first update that made the first reference to politics in all this.

The White House Presser kicked off at 12:58pm, yesterday. The first political insinuation from the press corps came in the ninth question, and it became plainly explicit in the tenth. You could bloody look it up.

Who was first? (shrug) Damned close, wouldn't you agree?

Love ya, Kid.

Mr. Beck, do you actually schlep a weapon around just in case you cross paths with a criminal, psycho, escaped tiger, or whatever?

Not "whatever", and I don't respect cartoons. If you ever have a serious question, let me know.

For the curious, my friend posted about his experience

I don't know what happened with the previous post, but here is the link to my friend's post:

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