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April 24, 2007

"Space professionals" deploy to Iraq

Troops from the Air Force Space Command are deploying troops to Iraq:

For Air Force Space Command professionals, Iraq can be likened to “the final frontier,” as some are boldly going where no other space professionals have gone before – deploying overseas from a career field filled with stateside assignments and, sometimes, working in positions not specifically related to their careers within AFSPC.

Maj. Charles Rice and Capt. Tonya Walters are two such space professionals, currently serving here with the Iraq Assistance Group. [USCentCom]

The military is so strapped for personnel that it's sending its space teams to train Iraqi security forces. Talk about eating the seed corn.


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Pretty soon the security guards at Disney are going to be redeployed to Iraq.

Meanwhile, Goofy says, "Stay the course," while Minnie hasn't been seen or heard from in weeks.

Talk about eating the seed corn.

If this slows down the militarization of space, then I say, "Bon appetit!"

Most Space Command work is in surveillance and counter-surveillance. There's some modest justification for having Space Command people on the ground in Iraq, provided the reason is to speed up delivery of space based intelligence to the frontline troops. I doubt that's what's happening here, though.

It sounds like they're just training Iraqi security forces.

Then again, who knows whether CentCom PR is telling the truth?

Bush is going to get these people killed. Eventually the Shiites are going to decide to kick the U.S. out of Iraq, and when that happens, all these pencil-pushers we're sending into Iraq are going to find themselves fighting light-infantry battles that they aren't trained for. 90% of American military personel are not trigger-pullers and won't know what to do when Iraqi Army and police units turn on them.

There are only a few more moves to come before involutary service!

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