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April 18, 2007

Violence surges in Iraq

A string of bombings in Baghdad claimed at least 127 lives today.

85 people were killed or found dead in Iraq yesterday.


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Ah, this reminds me of something relating to today's other thread. On a message board I frequent, there was a thread about the VT tragedy, and someone made the point that travesties of this magnitude happen on a daily basis in Iraq (and other parts of the world), usually without the attendant outcry. The poster caught a lot of flak for bringing this up so soon after the incident, but he was sort of, well, right .

I agree with Andrew Myers. I must admit that the VA tragedy didn't really even freak me out, because I'm so used to seeing these huge numbers of dead in Iraq EVERY.DAMN.DAY. It's like my heart has grown a blister to protect me, and now I don't feel anymore.

I used the data from Iraq Body Count to compute the average rate of civilian deaths reported by more than one media source over 100-day periods. That rate has exceeded 33 per day for about the last two years.

For the 100-day period ending on March 15, the average rate was about 71 people per day.

Which just goes to show that God is either evil or stupid.

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