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May 05, 2007

Attorneygate update: Story still not straight

Why was US Attorney John McKay fired?

Kyle Sampson said he might have recommending firing McKay in March 2005 because McKay was pushing too hard to solve the murder of federal prosecutor Tom Wales.

Whereas, Sampson's boss, Alberto Gonzales testified that McKay was let go because of more recent disputes surrounding information-sharing and budgets.

New documents obtained by the Washington Post show that McKay had been recommended for removal back in March 2005, notwithstanding the earlier Justice Department documents that said he hadn't been:

The new McKay information, which became public this week, shows that he was recommended for dismissal in March 2005, just four months after a disputed gubernatorial election in Washington state. Republicans there complained about McKay's decision not to file charges of voter fraud because of a lack of evidence.

The information appears to undercut testimony from Gonzales, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that McKay was removed because of more recent disputes over an information-sharing system and budgetary issues.

Justice spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said an "inadvertent mistake," led to the release of a document that did not show McKay being recommended for removal in early 2005. A corrected copy was later sent to Congress but apparently not released to the public. [WaPo]

Sampson claimed he was not aware of the Republican complaints about McKay and his failure to prosecute Democrats for voter fraud after the contested gubernatorial election.


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