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May 23, 2007

Dr. Laura takes a break, son Deryk investigated

Conservative talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger is taking a break from her newspaper column.

Dr. Laura sparked massive controversy when she urged military wives to stop whining about hardships on the home front while their loved ones were deployed.

SALT LAKE CITY — Radio talk show host “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger is tired of all the complaints she hears from military wives who say they’re lonely and overwhelmed.

“You’re not dodging bullets, so I don’t want to hear any whining — that’s my message to them,” said Schlessinger on a visit to Utah.

Schlessinger broadcast her daily radio program on ethics, morals and values from the Fort Douglas theater here Friday. It’s one of several visits Schlessinger is making across country this year, publicists said. [AP]

Dr. Laura's fans are not happy with Salt Lake City journalist Matthew LaPlante who reported her comment about whiny military wives.

Dr. Laura went on O'Reilly to say how victimized she felt when LaPlante insisted on reporting what she said.

Meanwhile, the military is investigating whether Dr. Laura's son Deryk a 21-year-old paratrooper in Afghanistan published racist, sexist, and violent images on his MySpace page.


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You know, Deryk was also the guy who kicked the protector on the ground at the RNC in 2004.

You have an amazingly evil family there Laura.

Oops..should read protester, not protector.

Actually, the kicker was "Protest Warrior" Scott Robinson, not Deryk Schlessinger.

Dr. Laura on O'Reilly? Isn't there a risk of radioactive slime reaching critical mass and blowing us all to bits?

D'OH!!! Next time, I need to check out more than one web site.

A violent bigot of a rapist and a paedophile in the family?! Get out! Next you'll be telling me he's a Bush supporter.

This couldn't happen to a nicer gal the Dr Laura....

Dr. Laura's kid reminds me of the Hollywood Right Wing Psychopath, Pat Dollard.

No! Surely not? Cos these "family values" traditionalists are supposed to bring up their children better than the likes of us evil secularists, right?


Well, at least you can't bitch about Dr. Laura's relationship with her mom.

As if it weren't bad enough that the homo-phobic 'arch-hypocrite' one-time physiologist (by the way, she's NOT a Psychologist) 'Pseudo-Dr' Laura's misanthropic pseudo-Judaeic vitriol has destroyed not only her own mother's life (the poor old lady was found bludgeoned to death rotting on a dirty kitchen floor nearly 3 months after her murder---Dr Laura having NOT even spoken to her for more than a decade) but has added misery & mayhem to countless persons desperately coming to her seeking so-called 'professional' help with family problems on that hideously inane radio 'talk show' of hers (most of the vomit flowing from her painted caustic lips are so mindlessly jejune they are positively laughable---unfortunately she doesn't know she's doing comedy...) : the recent child pornography & violent sex acts displayed by her hell-spawn son recently posted on MySpace.Com did NOT happen in a vacuum (and we can all thank our own very personal clan god there is only one such little abortion from her rotting thighs that we have to deal with on this planet) & echoes her own degraded moral character if we pause to consider all those cheery pornographic colour snaps of her naked, mis-shapen, flat-chested, spread-eagled stick-like body posted on the world wide web for the whole world to gawk at in Shock and Awe nearly ten years ago...the problem of course is that this particular type of religious right wing zealot-hypocrite tends to have AIPAC type corporate sponsorship along with a kind of Jim-Jones cult-like following among the deluded & Dumbed Down American masses that kept her sickeningly in the Public Ear for so many years now ('What Would Moses Do...?!!!' Actually he'd probably stone her then go out and genocide some more Amalekites just so he'd feel better after having had to look at her...)--so now we have to figure out WHAT THE HELL to do with that scheming 'Little Boy-Toy’ of her’s, aka Deryk the Devil---maybe a nice LONG tour of the Back Streets of Baghdad on all Fours sniffing out all those Improvised Explosive Devices littering the backroads these days, courtesy of US Operation Shekhinah (better make it FIVE uninterrupted Tours in a row, like so many other US soldiers who have had to undergo that Hell-Hole just to keep people like his Mommykins in Mink)---or maybe we should just post a few pictures of sonny-boy spread eagle in positions suggestive of Guantanamo Bay Detainees...or maybe just a Simple Court Marshal…suffice it to say, 'Doctor' Laura and her little Monster are certainly 'not good for the Jews' case AIPAC was wondering about that one...just a few thoughts off the top of my head this afternoon....

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