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May 02, 2007

Feds accuse Alabama militia of plotting machine gun attack on Mexicans

Another domestic terrorism bust:

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama  —  Five members of a self-styled Alabama militia were denied bond Tuesday after a federal agent testified they planned a machine-gun attack on Mexicans. A sixth man accused of having weapons and explosives components in his home was approved for release. [FOX]

According to the Fox story, an ATF officer testified that the men were planning to attack Mexicans in a small town north of Birmingham.

It's unclear whether the group had set a date for an attack. However, the ATF agent testified that the group had a standing order to shoot government agents. According to the local sheriff, the group may have been tracking specific Hispanic people in Jefferson County.


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"According to the Fox story, an ATF officer testified that the men were planning to attack Mexicans in a small north of Birmingham."

You mean a "small town north of Birmingham"?

An old all-American story.

My father's family living in Humboldt County, Calif. in the 1930's-40's had some Chinese-American friends that kept a low profile whenever they came to visit for the reason described at wikipedia:

On February 5 and 6, 1885, Eureka's entire Chinese population of 300 men and 20 women were expelled after a gunfight between rival Chinese gangs (tongs) resulted in the wounding of a 12 year old boy and the death of 56 year old David Kendall, a Eureka City Councilman. After the shooting, an angry mob of 600 Eurekans met and then informed the Chinese that they were no longer wanted in Eureka and would be hanged if they were to stay in town longer than 3 p.m. the next day. They were put on two steamships and shipped to San Francisco. No Chinese were killed in the expulsion. Another Chinese expulsion occurred during 1906 in a cannery on the Eel River, which expelled 23 Chinese cannery workers after local loggers objected to their presence. However, A few Chinese remained in the Orleans area, where some white landowners sheltered and purchased food for Chinese mineworkers until after racial tension passed. The Chinese did not return to the coastal cities until the 1950s.

Later my family had a place on Clear Lake in Lake Co. CA where another and uglier incident had taken place, (also via wikipedia):

European settlers arrived, starting around 1845. Frequently they abused and exploited the native Pomo people. One of the most notorious incidents was the Bloody Island Massacre of spring 1850 [1]. A number of Pomo were enslaved and abused by settlers Andrew Kelsey, whose name is attached to the town of Kelseyville today, and Charles Stone. The Pomo finally revolted and killed Kelsey and Stone. A United States Army contingent under Gen. Nathaniel Lyon cornered as many as 200 Pomo on an island in Clear Lake, and slaughtered most of them--including scores of women and children. The historical marker for Bloody Island is on Highway 20 between Upper Lake and the Robinson Rancheria.

Later, the Pomo were forced to live in small "rancherias" set aside by the federal government. For most of the 20th century, the few Pomo people left had to live on these tiny reservations in poverty. Ironically, today the fastest-growing businesses around Lake County are the gambling casinos presently operated by four Pomo rancherias, with more casinos planned.

Speaking of Hispanophobia, we got us a story in the L.A. Times about the LAPD going a little overboard protecting the good citizens of the City of Angels from the dreadful Brown Menace. The spin was that this year’s May Day marches were unimportant as the crowds were smaller than last year. (The frijoleros are no longer angry; you can switch the channel back to “reality” TV.) Unfortunately LA’s finest didn’t follow the script and pummeled a few members of the press, and now various officials are having to utter their “sincerest” regrets and promising some sort if investigation, review, oversight, action, …blah, blah, blah. The usual blandishments and foot shuffling we’ve come to expect whenever the LAPD breaks the dishes. The story still won’t get much traction, as it is, after all, on the West Coast and does not concern celebrities or earthquakes.

Check out the reader comments on the story though to see how Angelinos really feel about their Hispanic neighbors. For example:

158. According to our mayor, these people were just exercising their 1st Amendment Rights. Note to you, Mr. Mayor; 3/4 of those people don't HAVE 1st Amendment Rights. Submitted by: LA Cit

160. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!! They want a "civil rights" movement with every possible safety net for every possible situation, with no bloodshed, fire hoses or German Sheperds (sic) like my people experienced
Submitted by: Outraged

Hispanic: it’s the new black (or nigger, as it were).

The US/Mexican border is the sharpest economic divide in the world, by far. No other border even comes close to the divergent economic conditions on the two sides of that line.. A library of books could explain why that is but the result is the wave of illegal immigration. Tthere is no possible historical analogy to this situation. A situation made even more complex because of Americas unique granting of citizenship by birth within its borders.

The minimum wage across that borderline, which is close to the prevailing wage, is around 60 cents an hour. Mexico is guaranteed third world status foreverif it remains that. Because of that the immigration will never stop. The declared loser in last Julys election there wanted to raise the minimum wage to a dollar. We can be certain that all the powers America had to help elect his opponent were used. Which of course guarantees the continued flood across the border. Now tell me that flood isn't a conscious policy.

It's quite alright. We Mexicans protect and love our own. If they'd attacked us it would not have been left unchecked. Watch your step Cletus. Keep Alabammy, Jesus queers.

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