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May 04, 2007


The FlickrFind is one of our most popular ongoing features at Majikthise. Here's how FlickrFinds work...

All the FlickrFinds are from users who enable the "blog this" function on their accounts. Users choose who can blog their photographs--just themselves, their contacts, or any Flickr user. All my FlickrFinds come from users who opt-in and allow any Flickr user to blog images from their photostreams. 

I assume that users are turn on the "blog this" feature because they want their photos to be blogged.

Of course, FlickrFinds automatically include attribution and a link to the user's photostream.


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Funny. Diggity and the Squid was included in a piece here a couple days ago. I have not (yet) put my Flickr photos up under Creative Commons. But I reckoned it is a de facto relinquishment of rights just putting them online. I don't remember enabling a "blog this" option, but have no problem with you using it. Is this what you meant?

Yes, that's the function I'm talking about.

When I set up my Flickr account, I got prompts asking me what privacy settings I wanted for my photostream. I had the option of enabling "blog this" for just my own blog or for the wider community.

Great shot, btw.

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