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May 23, 2007

Goodling: "I crossed the line"

Monica Goodling admits that she broke the law when she allowed political considerations to influence some of her key decisions at the Justice Department, insists she didn't mean to.


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Watching this on CSPAN right now, it's quite interesting.

Well after listening to Artur Davis' line of questioning, Monica Goodling clearly stated that Alberto Gonzoles perjured himself when he said he
1.) Never say the list of attorneys being fired.
2.) Never was at a conference to meet those attorneys.

There was a third point I don't remember, however, on all three points I believe she clearly stated 'his statement was inaccurate'.

As sure as day is dark and night is light
And the crime of voter fraud is black not white
The elections I have stolen prove that I'm right
I got caught lying, I crossed the line

I am awaiting the disbarments, plural. Not for the firings, of course, but for the lies and the crimes. I think Bar authorities can disbar you for committing a crime of dishonesty, moral turiptude or conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice even if you have been given both immunity and a pardon (though one would think only one of the two may be needed, there may be attorneys in this mess who wind up getting both.)

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