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May 15, 2007

Iraq war critic loses son in Iraq

Sad news: Prof. Andrew J. Bacevich, retired Army Colonel and outspoken critic of the Iraq war, lost his 27-year-old son to an IED in Balad, Iraq.


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But they (and by them I mean the chickenhawks) will call him a man who hates his country, and betrayed his service because he protested the war.

Sorry, feeling bitter and cynical because of that sad bit of news.

Oy. My condolences to the Baceviches.

For the family of 1st Lt. Andrew J. Bachevich, please accept my ... lack of words that matter upon the loss of your son. I'm so sorry. It just gets harder so try to keep going -- the one foot and then the next ... please accept my family's sorrow for the loss of your beloved son.

I can't escape the feeling that I'm catching the first whiff of the next Pat Tillman.
Whenever these brave souls speak up against the war and have a child who is serving it makes me very apprehensive for their child.
It's sad it has come to this. I am very suspicious about not just the dual but the multi-purposes of war .. this is not the first time I had this idea. It arrived early when my Gram and my Mom related the story of the labor-organizer's family (worked with my grandpa) who lost all six of their sons to World War II or the Korean War. They all enlisted; all were lost. What are the chances of that? They used to put stars in the window .... this was how the story came about. My Grandma remembered all of them ... both these wars way before most of us were born but the stories and the lessons ... god won't they ever stop repeating?
This made me cry. I remember reading about this guy way back when he first started getting attention and feeling apprehensive ... then another guy popped up (almost the next day like they looked for him) as a parent of a lost child and he was just ... a war-monger.
Still the bodies are piling up. I have to go find something from Molly to make me stop crying.
Dear sir, Please continue your brave acts. We need you.

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