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May 15, 2007

McNotGonzales resigns

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty tendered his resignation. McNulty claimed to be stepping down because of the "financial realities" brought of "college-age children and two decades of public service."

Obviously McNulty's stepping down over the US Attorney purge. He's the fourth senior official to step down as a result of the scandal. McNulty lied to Congress when he claimed that the USAs were fired for "performance-related reasons," so it's not surprising that he's also lying about the reasons for his resignation.

Leave it to Republicans to spin resignation in disgrace as a whine about not getting paid enough.


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Looks like there'll be a new BDSM ad coming out of main justice.

Of course, AGAG wasted no time before he got out this morning and promptly blamed everything on McNulty.

The Bush Administration: The Buck Doesn't Even Slow Down Here.

Gonzo won't go, and neither will Lambowitz. Dubya doesn't have the balls for a nomination fight, especially since he knows that it will be impossible to get a hardcore loyalist past the Dems. Right now he's so desperate to maintain control that he'll never nominate anyone but a dyed in the wool loyalist.

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