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May 23, 2007

McNulty knew about Griffin's vote caging, Goodling claims

Here's Monica Goodling's opening statement to the House Judiciary Committee, courtesy of TPM.

Therein, Goodling claimed that Deputy Attorney General McNulty knew that the White House's pick of interim AUSA for Eastern Arkansas had been involved in vote caging during the 2004 presidential election:


Tim Griffin, former research director of the RNC, was behind a plot to  disenfranchise 70,000 Florida voters during the 2004 presidential election. Black soldiers and the homeless were among the prime targets of the voter suppression effort, according to journalist Greg Palast who broke the story with BBC News.

Caging is a kind of low-tech phishing that political operatives use to disqualify voters. The classic scam is to send registered mail to a voter's address. The vote-suppressors hope that the mail will be returned as undeliverable, or that the voter will refuse to sign for the letter. If that happens, they can use the failed delivery to call the voter's residence into question and force them to prove that they can legally vote. So called "caging lists" are simply the rosters of folks who didn't respond to the registered mailing. These are distributed to political operatives working the polls on election day. When someone on the list shows up at the polls, the operatives will challenge them. Often victims give up and leave without casting a ballot, or cast a provisional ballot which is less likely to be counted.

Caging targets the most vulnerable voters, the folks who are the hardest-pressed to prove their status. That's why Griffin's crew singled out black vets and the homeless.

Caging that appears to be race-based is illegal in Florida.


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There should be a federal law against challenging voters at the polls on the basis of registered mail.

As you note, it's a way to disenfranchise soldiers who are overseas when the registered mail arrives at their US addresses, and anyone who is home but doesn't want to sign for a letter he or she wasn't expecting.

"it's a way to disenfranchise soldiers who are overseas when the registered mail arrives at their US addresses, and anyone who is home but doesn't want to sign for a letter he or she wasn't expecting."

Every unit I was in passed out Absentee ballots.

If the troops are oversees for the voting, they're safe from the cage-listers.

On the other hand, suppose the cagers sent a registered letter to a troop's home address while s/he was overseas. If there was nobody to sign for that mail, it would have gotten sent back to the RNC (or wherever) and noted in the database.

The soldier would have no idea what happened. They'd just show up to vote when they get home and find some Republican goon in their face forcing them to prove that they really live in that district. Of course, if you've just gotten back it may not be the easiest thing to do on the spur of the moment, especially when you had no idea you were going to have to produce your utility bills at the polling station.

NJ would be a real screwy state for that too Lindsay, as a soldier I never had to pay state taxes when I lived at my duty assignment. So that would have been a real pain in the ass had they pulled out tax records.

How is vote caging by the Republicans different from the voter registration scams employed by the Democrats, such as signing up illegal aliens and felons? Isn't it an eye for an eye? Personally I find all campaign tactics to be sickening, but so go politics.

My favorite B is how politicians are not included in the do not call/cold calling lists. That way they can call you all they want to remind you to get out and vote!

Every damn election year that pisses me off, and it's not like you can pick up the phone and tell them off because it is always a recording.

“Caging list”. Oh great, another Dubya era term to learn. Along with - axis of evil, Enron, extroadinary rendition, Abu Ghraib, global war on terror, signing statement, long war, unitary executive, . . . cough, . . . urp, . . . Commenter lurches towards wastepaper basket, loses lunch.

cfrost, don't forget nuclear, pronounced "new-clear".

My favorite Washington term is "quite frankly". I would normally use that term in extraordinary circumstances, yet it's as common in Washington as a California Valley girl using "like" in every other sentence.

Lindsay Beyerstein -

You wrote in the Comments, "If the troops are oversees for the voting, they're safe from the cage-listers."

I disagree. Their absentee ballots can be challenged if they vote while overseas.

Greg Palast on the 2004 election:

Here's how the scheme worked: The RNC mailed these voters letters in envelopes marked, "Do not forward", to be returned to the sender. These letters were mailed to servicemen and women, some stationed overseas, to their US home addresses. The letters then returned to the Bush-Cheney campaign as "undeliverable."

The lists of soldiers of "undeliverable" letters were transmitted from state headquarters, in this case Florida, to the RNC in Washington. The party could then challenge the voters' registration and thereby prevent their absentee ballot being counted.

One target list was comprised exclusively of voters registered at the Jacksonville, Florida, Naval Air Station. Jacksonville is third largest naval installation in the US, best known as home of the Blue Angels fighting squandron.

Caging that appears to be race-based is illegal in Florida.

FL. has many diverse ways to prevent blacks and all others who may not vote for the dark side in a cage.

This is akin to our diverse population (according to Gov. c.crist) who represent the entire country SO WELL that we should be first in the primaries.
Actually, I believe it is because they made such a smashing success of 2000 here and didn't mind at all looking stupid. So, the PTB trust us (they in charge in Tally) to swing the race their way.
If you read nothing else about FL keep your eyes on one Marco Rubio.
Also, FL is soon to be bulging at the seams with Republicans -- many of whom vote 'early and often' with no apparent retribution for this crime.

It's also a violation of the 1981 consent decree, in which the RNC agreed to clear all ballot security initiatives with the courts and give the DNC 20 days notice.

It is really sick that the GOP would steal the votes of minority men fighting in Iraq.


just how low can you go?

not as low as a Republican.

Dave, how many documented cases of dems registering illegals can you find? I believe it is a myth. If you are an illegal, you don't want anyone looking at you, so it is not likely illegal aliens are commiting voter fraud. But is is for certain widespread ELECTION fraud is being perpetrated by our GOVERNMENT which is controlled by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. They are doing it in order to keep all the power and money in the hands of the Owner class, The GOP.... the Got Ours Party...and you can go scratch! IMPEACH!

Yeah, Democrats signing up illegal aliens struck me as pretty funny. The illegal aliens I've known anyway, have been smart enough to know they won't remain illegal aliens long by attracting unnecessary attention to themselves.

Dave - Don't you think we should stop persecuting republicans and democrats and start punishing the individuals within those parties who give hardliners more wind to thoughtlessly throw at an entire group of people that may consist of hundreds of millions? The issue here isn't about any party affiliation. It's about the dishonesty of a few people. These dishonest few do not represent the majority of the party anymore than a serial rapist is in the same category as you because he's an American. We are all people... to claim to know the inner workings of our minds is to loudly claim ignorance.

My mistake, that last comment should be directed towards B-Money. I didn't realize until I posted that your name is not only *under* your comment, but also seemingly attached to the next post, leading one to believe that it is the following comment that is yours, not the previous and correct comment. Bad layout IMO.

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