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May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

RUSSELL LEE KLIKA IRAQ, originally uploaded by klika100.

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Do you have any idea what the Arabic writing means? I can identify the second word, "Lal-zuyut," which means "to oils" or maybe "to the oils," but not the first.

Is Arabic commonly spoken and written in Iraq? I thought the majority of Iraqis Farsi-speaking Persians.

Seriously? Nobody speaks Farsi in Iraq. Sunnis and Shi'as speak Arabic; Kurds speak Kurdish. The Iraqi Shi'as are ethnically distinct from Persians, sharing only a common religion.

In the first word, 'LB'HR, I think the root is BHR, which in Hebrew means the adjective light as opposed to dark (but the noun light is H'R, or even NR - cf. menorah - and light as opposed to dense is just "not dense").

Saddest fucking memorial day I can remember. How about that sack of shit draft-dodger Cheney having chutzpah to crawl out of his bunker to vomit venom in front of the West Point graduates on memorial day weekend? If heaven exists I'll know I've arrived there when I'm served Cheney's fried liver.

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