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May 17, 2007


Sophie and Barnaby, originally uploaded by Snelvis.

Today's FlickrFind.


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Whippets on a coach... beautiful... this photo reminds me mine with my whippet ! Thank you for your fave on flickr !

Sight-hounds are the most beautiful dogs, from these little Whippets to the massive Irish Wolfhounds.

A friend of mine who also liked sight-hounds had a whippet in her pack, and she used to do this trick with it: she'd stand next to the dog, with a doggie bone. At the same time, she'd say to the dog "get the mail!" and simultaneously drop the doggie bone.

The whippet would run out the door and down the driveway to the mailbox, jump up and pop it open, retrieve the mail, and get back to my friend before the doggie bone hit the ground, snatching it out of the thin air.

OK, so I made that up, but dayum, them Whipputs is fayast little dev'ls.

When they want to be.

I have one of the tiniest sighthounds in my household and when I open the door to let her out, she's disappeared before I can get to the window three feet away from the door. We almost named her Blur, but that's hard to call out.

They look so contemplative.

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