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June 02, 2007

Bye bye, Bartlett

Dan Bartlett is resigning, having spent more than one third of his life serving President Bush--just look at what he's got to show for it:

Mr. Bartlett was known by colleagues inside and outside the White House to be worn out from years of service that have seen a rare presidential recount, two wars, the largest foreign attack on domestic soil since Pearl Harbor and regularly intense partisan battles. Through all of that, Mr. Bartlett had come to appear far older than his years. [NYT]

Bartlett's resignation is effective July 4. Like so many departing Republicans, Bartlett hopes the private sector will put more food on his family.


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I still remember how strenuously Bartlett insisted in November 2005 on "Hardball" that "we do not torture," but that if we did, the perps would be aggressively prosecuted. Right.

Speaking with reporters on Friday, Mr. Bartlett said he had been part of the decision to embed reporters with military units in Iraq

I wonder if he was also part of the decision to deny non-embedded press any access to medivac flights out of Iraq if they were wounded.

Another rat leaving a sinking ship.

Wow. I would NEVER have guessed that man was in his thirties. He looks like 50s or 60s. They all do that play that game; it's very hard on a person ... taking a toll that they don't even seem to notice while they rub their money over themselves. That's sad for them but what they have done to others is brutal.

I can't imagine being 22 years old and that slavishly devoted to evil with so much of life in front of you. I avoid bush so much except for what I need ta know that I had no idea what he (bartlett) looked like. Thanks lindsay.

True confession: I felt more than a twinge of schaudenfreude when I realized that Bartlett's around 10 years younger than I am, but looks 10 years older. Clearly, even the devil wouldn't barter for his rotted soul.

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