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June 09, 2007

Charter guarantees collective bargaining

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The Supreme Court of Canada says that collective bargaining is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Not surprisingly, the government of British Columbia is miffed that the high court took away their power to negotiate contracts with unions and then legislate them away.


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This is fantastic news, but (of course) that won't end the dirty tricks. You may be aware of the recent manipulation of US copyright law by Telus in an attempt to cover up their union-bashing.

Details here:

I hope this gives the BC Health Employees Union some power to fight the corporations that now employ care aides and other workers. The Globe and Mail had an article on the situation for care aides in senior care residences. Wages have decreased and workers have been repeatedly fired. Last week 450 care aides were fired in three senior care facilities in the Lower Mainland.

(Health care in Canada is becoming more Americanized every day and I place the blame squarely on the federal government for this. Over the past ten years, the feds (both Liberal and Conservative governments) have whittled away health care transfer payments to the provinces and the provinces are allowing privatization because they don't have the money to cover it. Although the feds commissioned a study on the future of health care in Canada and the report recommends continuing medicare, the government seems to be completely ignoring its recommendations.

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