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June 09, 2007

Federal charges for threatening emails

Sometimes threats have consequences:

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) _ A college professor accused of launching a campaign of threatening e-mails and phone messages after losing his job last year was tracked down with the help of former colleagues and arrested, authorities said Friday.

Xiang Li, a 42-year-old Chinese national who worked at Morrisville State College during the 2005-2006 school year, is being held on federal charges he made interstate threats to injure or kill another person.

David Rogers, the school's dean, said Li was enraged when told his temporary contract as a professor of computer information technology was not going to be renewed because students found him abusive and sometimes belligerent.

"This isn't over yet. People who hurt me, I hurt them. And this isn't over," Rogers recalled Li saying.

Li was fired and barred from the campus after the confrontation with Rogers in May 2006. He then moved out of New York and began threatening Rogers and others at the school in September, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Among the messages were threats to castrate a former colleague and to kill the child of another and the taunt, "Do you think they can protect you from a man who wants to die and wants to kill you?" [AP]

Computer science profs teamed up with the FBI to track Xiang Li down. He was arrested by U.S. Marshals last month in a Pittsburgh airport.


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Jeezus. What a nightmare. I'm glad he was caught before someone was hurt.

Hm, wonder why his students found him abusive and sometimes belligerent?

"He was such a good boy. Sure he was abusive and sometimes belligerent, but nobody would ever have suspected him of this...."

"Do you think they can protect you from a man who wants to die and wants to kill you?"

It seems they can.

Excellent. This is an area that could use a serious crackdown.

On another level, though, it looks like yet another story of the Murderous Crazy Asian on a School Campus. Haven't we been seeing a lot of those lately?

One hopes that the authorities cast their nets sufficiently widely to catch senders of death threats who don't happen to be Asian.

Good point, Alan.

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