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June 10, 2007

Feministe loses powerful voice

One of my favorite blogs is losing one of my favorite bloggers: Zuzu is leaving Feministe.


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Sad to hear. Even though I didn't meet zuzu on a very pleasant note, I enjoyed her writing. She'll be missed.

I am really disappointed by this, too.

It confounds one to realize that it was a third-cousin twice-removed opaque meta-scrap on three other sites that led to this decision. But I wish Zuzu the best.

I'm really sad that she won't be writing any more. I wonder if there is any solution to the issue of flamewars that get a little too personal?

What a weird, unfortunate bit of fallout from the Nashville is Talking dustup. I blame the self-importance of Tennessee bloggers!

I wonder if there is any solution to the issue of flamewars that get a little too personal?

I don't really know, but I suspect not. Blogging on a site like feministe means constantly reading about and posting about really intense, personal issues on a pretty constant basis. It's got to be really hard to maintain the sort of distance that would prevent you from taking things personally, particularly when it becomes about someone you cared about. I think that the only real solution when it starts to get really hot and personal is to take a step back and let things decompress a bit. I know that, in my own time blogging, I've found myself getting really upset and really emotionally invested in things, things that don't even necessarily have a direct effect on me.

I don't know for sure, but that's my impression, anyway.

Looking at that NiT thread, I completely understand her decision. That's fucked.

Wow, Ilyka Damen is claiming to quit, Chris Clarke tossed up a whiny "Goodby Cruel World" post where he totally quit the progressive blogosphere gang for reals you guys - the entire Liberaltown fleet of Waahmbulances must be deployed!

I'm not quite sure how to take that "Waahmbulance" comment, aeroman. Are you saying I called for one, too?

Thanks for the good thoughts, folks. I'm not done with blogging; I just needed to leave Feministe.

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