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June 08, 2007


gavagai, originally uploaded by brocksides.


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This is the only genuinely funny LOLcats-inspired graphic in the history of the internets.

Wittgensteinians look at it and see ducks.

Undetached rabbit parts is probably the safest assumption. I don't see any feet.

Lo, it rabbiteth!

A favorite poem of mine:

I gave my love an emerose
Upon a summer day,
While all around us in the grove
The gavagai did play.

"I've never seen a hue so green,"
My love did say to me.
"My dear," I said, "it's shmolored gred,
Just green until time t."

Just FYI, Neil, I am the author of that poem, in addition to being the ... err ... captioner of that image. (The original image was shamelessly stolen from, so I have no call to complain about my work being reproduced without attribution.)

I composed it during grad school, while taking a class in which the texts were Word and Object; Fact, Fiction, and Forecast; and Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. I regret that I was unable to work "quus" into the poem.

I'd also like to note that it makes me very happy to be the author of one of someone's favorite poems.

I imagine that's a rare accomplishment, especially since I've written only a handful of poems.

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