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June 27, 2007

Kline: A Postscript

An investigation of the Planned Parenthood being targeted by deposed Kansas panty-sniffer-in-chief Phil Kline shows that -- he had nothing. Shocking! Meanwhile, this article about pro-choice politics in Kansas is really interesting (Obama/Sebelius '08!) [HT: Feministing] I also like this debunking of attempts to argue that the Dems won in '06 by moving right:
For openers, seven of eight new Democratic senators and one Independent are pro-choice (Casey is the exception). Four more pro-choice governors were elected. The draconian abortion ban in South Dakota was soundly defeated. Voters also turned down ballot initiatives mandating parental notification for abortions in California and Oregon. A stem-cell initiative passed in Missouri, and candidates who ran on support for stem-cell research were overwhelmingly successful. And minimum-wage hikes passed on six of six state ballots. Pundits were also wrong about the Blue Dog Caucus in the House becoming pre-eminent: Actually, the Progressive Caucus gained many new members, and is the largest caucus in Congress.
There's also a a fair amount of bad news, of course, but the midterms were very encouraging. [Cross-posted at Lawyers, Guns, and Money]


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Yeah but the gang of five on the SCOTUS is going to fuck up everything for the next democratic president.

I also like this debunking of attempts to argue that the Dems won in '06 by moving right.

I would say that overall, Democratic party included, has moved to the right, and continues to do so.

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